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An Introduction: JGC1999

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by JGC1999, Jun 27, 2020.

  1. JGC1999

    JGC1999 New Member

    Hello Fellow MC-Drugs Players!

    Whether you are an avid drug producer (like myself) or a committed community member who has promised to protect the laws of the land (this is for you - police force!), I'm glad to play with each and every one of you daily when I join the server.

    My IGN is JGC1999. Yes, it's the result of an 8 year old's creativity making their Xbox Live Account many years ago (me). This IGN is also used by me on Xbox (feel free to add, my favorite game is Halo!).

    Personal History on MC

    In terms of my history playing Minecraft, I have been playing Minecraft on various servers since 2012. On every server I have played, I have sought a staff position and have served in numerous positions including: Admin, Head-Mod, Mod, Helper, and Chat Mod. I used to play on a similar Minecraft Drugs server that has since been shut down and served as the Head Mod on that server, quitting before I could reach Admin (message me if you recognize my name... I was #1 on baltop and the most known staff member on the server, so if you recognize my IGN dm me the name of the server and we can catch up)!

    MC-Drugs Experience Thus Far

    In terms of MC-Drugs, I joined this server with some old buddies from high school who have been playing with me since 2012. We all have jobs and other commitments nowadays but we try our best to play when we can. We formed a faction together, Genocide. I have spent over 137 hours playing on this server on the current map and have absolutely enjoyed every moment of it. It truly brings back so many memories from the old server I used to play on. I have donated for the MVP+ donor rank and many of you may have seen me active in chat or running drugs at spawn. Please feel free to reach out, it'd be great to get to know more people on the server and possibly even join forces!

    Best of luck to all you crooks and cops out there - I'll see you on the streets of MC-Drugs!
  2. Lurnn

    Lurnn Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++ PvP Tournament Winner

    hello, welcome!
  3. GlucoseDaddy

    GlucoseDaddy Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP

    hi friend
  4. JGC1999

    JGC1999 New Member

    Thank you for the greetings, friends!
  5. Tattersail23

    Tattersail23 Member

    Welcome! :)
  6. ne2

    ne2 New Member

    Welcome :]

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