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Arachnid applications

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Adonate, Aug 16, 2020.

  1. Adonate

    Adonate New Member

    This the official recruitment page, for general members. You must have discord in order to join the faction, otherwise, you will not be involved in any weekly faction raffles or earn points of trust in order to receive promotions.

    Rules are explained in the discord, one of the most important rules is activity consistency and not tp-ing others into faction bases, farms, etc.

    Copy past the form below and post your answers next to the questions.

    In-Game name:
    Drug Rank / Cop Rank:
    Donor Rank:
    Online time? (type /ot in game):
    How often do you play?:
    What other factions have you been in this map:
    What factions have you been in previous maps:
    What is your favorite thing to do (pvp/build/farm/etc):
    Why do you want to join the faction:
    Do you understand the rules and information given?:
  2. U70

    U70 New Member



    donor none

    online time around like 20 hours

    discord white girl

    timezone central usa

    i play often almost everyday

    i have been in ThePothole however we got raided and they gave up i was sad and im like really depressed

    havent been in any other

    i would say my favorite is grind ya know u put some chill music on and just chill

    i want to join becuase this is a act of desperate needs i need friends and a group


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