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Denied Ban Appeal - DopeD_HunteR


In-Game Name: DopeD_HunteR

Reason for ban Hacked client - X-ray caught in the act

Length of ban: 7 days

Place of ban (e.g. in-game, Discord, TS3, etc.) in-game

Staff who banned you willifolts

Did any other staff deal with you before you were banned? No

Did you receive warnings prior to your ban? No

Why do you think you were banned? I was in an other player's underground base

What is your explanation for your actions? Why should you be unbanned? I'm not an x-ray user! i simply dug down to build a base and found this farm, it was near a rtp zone... is it so rare? also this "caught in the act" is ridiculous as I discovered the base 2 days ago and simply used /home, I've been killed while harvesting carrots lol

What measures will you take to prevent this from happening again? should I stop digging?

How can you ensure we can trust you again? just tell me what to do in a similar situation in order to avoid another ban

What else would you like to say to the admins reveiwing your appeal? I think this is absolutely unfair, I also lost "my" carrots D:


Staff member
I've looked a bit into your logs in the area and found things a bit too suspicious to accept this appeal. You claim to have randomly dug into the base when trying to build one of your own, however with the small surface farm you build away from the farm I found you in, coupled with the fact that you dug down pretty much the closest spot to your farm pushes it just beyond the benefit of the doubt. Appeal denied.
So according to your opinion in three days I used xray just to raid a base containing a bunch of drugs in some chests and some uselessly huge farm that I don't even need to use as I made a fast nether wart farm I made in MY base... Do x-ray users usually behave like this? Suspicious logs?? Be honest please

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