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Resolved Ban Appeal - Its710Bro666


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In-Game Name: Its710Bro666

Reason for ban alt of my brothers account (GallowayGodly)

Length of ban: permanant

Place of ban (e.g. in-game, Discord, TS3, etc.) in-game

Staff who banned you parcheesi15

Did any other staff deal with you before you were banned? No

Did you receive warnings prior to your ban? No

Why do you think you were banned? Because my brother got banned before hand and I am not an alt.

What is your explanation for your actions? Why should you be unbanned? Because I am not an alt i could prove it to you by taking pictures if you want

What measures will you take to prevent this from happening again? im trying to move from my parents house soon in like 5 months if you can wait for the ips to be the same till then

How can you ensure we can trust you again? Um I can take pictures of me and my brother playing at the same time xD

What else would you like to say to the admins reveiwing your appeal? Please unban me im MVP+ and i spent like 150$ on the server Im sorry for my little brother ignorance of hacking i told him not too but he didnt listen I never really gotten into minecraft till now


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you and your brother will need to speak to a admin in a VC to verify you are 2 different people.

but i will switch the ban to the other account as the alt since you do have mvp+ on this account
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