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Invalid BAN APPEAL- LilChlo1 - XRAY ace42986

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Get a drink this is a long para.........


To tell you the truth i have never been banned on any minecraft server.
Im not a techno person to no all these hacks and mods and what ever you call them.
I did not hack and i am an honest person.
I know i bought some cords from people but honestly cant remember who as i talk to so many people on the server. I tried going into my logs but they will not load for me. I have screenshots of other resources that im using for evidence.
When it popped up with me being banned yes i was upset as why would i do something like that when i spend most of my days on the server, this is the only decent server ive been on and i respect all the rules.
I was looking to buying a rank to support the server as i have said before its a neat server and the staff and the owners should be very proud, getting so many players join each and everyday and think its very successful. If i cant get my ban appealed i will play else where and my members of my faction will join me. I have banned wrongly ive helped out so many new people that have joined and have helped others on the server, you could of confronted me and asked me about this situation and i would of explained to you.

Thanks for reading

Many thanks,
LilChlo1 :)


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