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Denied Ban Appeal LITTLE5LAYER


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Length of Ban : 7 days
Nature of ban(ie, mine craft temp banned or TS3 perm ban) : Minecraft temp ban
Staff who banned you : ThaCandyMan
Staff who dealt with you : ThaCandyMan?
Staff who have warned you previously : ThaCandyMan previously banned me
Reason for ban on record : Xray/ChestESP
Why do you think you were banned?(what you think the admins thought) : Because ThaCandyMan was purposely trying to get me banned.
Why what is your explanation of this reason? : I found a cobble tower leading up from the ground so I mined down and came to a base, after this I followed a tunnel until it came to a straight line and finished. I kept mining and came to a pool of water where I turned right so I didn't have to deal with the water and then I was in a room full of chests with another tunnel which I kept mining through and came to more chests at which moment ThatCandyMan popped up and said. I'm disappointed and didn't give me time to say I wasn't Xraying because he caught me before.
Why should we unban you : Because TheCandyMan I think has been watching me for days I guess trying to make me slip up even though I have no hacks anymore and been planting bases in the way of my mines near warp wild.
What measures will you take to prevent this from happening again? : I won't play anymore when ThaCandyMan is on because all he does is try to bait me and get me banned.
How can we trust you again? : Because I did hack the first time which is why I didn't appeal but now I didn't hack and I am appealing because I was banned for no reason.
What else would you like to say to the admins who will review this case? :
ThaCandyMan literally fucking hates my guts


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After hearing all of Candy's evidence I have decided to deny this ban appeal. A few days ago 4 players reported you for talking about your xray client in a teamspeak channel. After these report we added you to our watch-list database. Our admins are trained to do multiple tests on a player who might have xray. Candy was doing what he was trained to do. The chest he placed was in the a different direction from where you were going. You then went to the chest. I can assure you that Candy was not targeting you, but instead just doing his job. No staff member should ever target a player in attempt to get them banned. If we saw that a staff member was doing that, they would be removed immediately. I really don't think you should try to avoid times that Candy is on, because he is a really great admin and is always helping players. I would suggest you try to talk to him if you feel this way and try to introduce yourself etc. When the admin is issuing the ban for xray we usually just go ahead with the ban and then let them explain it on the forums. The reason behind this is players usually try to avoid questions or prolong the issue of the ban. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to post them here.



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What JonD said is entirely accurate... I don't hate anyone and I would never "want" anyone banned. I just follow up when players report people and yes I do place bait spots... That is part of testing for x-ray. Yes you were mining and found a tunnel which lead to a base... I seen the base in the distance while you were mining so I decided then to put the chest room off to the side of the base. You then checked the chests inside base then proceeded to directly to the side of the base I placed the bait room and then you dug 8+ blocks through the wall to said bait room. This is actually the first day that I have watched you and then again I was just scrolling through spectator mode looking for suspicious activity then and not targeting you specifically. When I seen your name and remembered the report from TS then I watched you a bit closer and done the tests. If you have any questions for myself then please feel free to ask them here or in a private message and I will be glad to speak to you about any further questions you may have.

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