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Denied Ban Appeal - NESTER51

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In-Game Name: NESTER51

Reason for ban Farm Hacks

Length of ban: Permanently

Place of ban (e.g. in-game, Discord, TS3, etc.) In game.

Staff who banned you n3on_n3rd

Did any other staff deal with you before you were banned? No

Did you receive warnings prior to your ban? No

Why do you think you were banned? Because I was using auto farm which I thought everyone used, but I guess I was wrong.

What is your explanation for your actions? Why should you be unbanned? I absolutely love this server. It's my favorite, my go-to server to have fun fill all the satisfying farming needs I never knew I had. I play on this server with my friend whom I introduced to the server. I would love a second chance and I promise to never use any type of advantages that are prohibited,

What measures will you take to prevent this from happening again? I will always make to never use any content which could give me an advantage over the other people on this server.

How can you ensure we can trust you again? I have many hours of game time on this server. If I really wanted to do harm to others or the server I love I would've made a second account instead of my main,

What else would you like to say to the admins reveiwing your appeal? I'm sorry for my actions and wish to keep playing on this server. Also n3on_n3rd you gave me and my friend quite the scare lol, he turned around and screamed someones in our base. Almost made me piss myself lol.


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You seemed to have missed a bit of text when posting this ban appeal, so I'll remind you again.
"Appeals for "apologies" or just admitting you did wrong will be instantly denied."

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