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Denied Ban Appeal - Vaps


New Member

In-Game Name: Vaps

Reason for ban xray accomplice

Length of ban: 7 days

Place of ban (e.g. in-game, Discord, TS3, etc.) In game

Staff who banned you Will

Did any other staff deal with you before you were banned? No

Did you receive warnings prior to your ban? No

Why do you think you were banned? No clue

What is your explanation for your actions? Why should you be unbanned? I have 0 clue how or why I was banned for xray accomplice.

What measures will you take to prevent this from happening again? Not sure since I have 0 idea why I was banned

How can you ensure we can trust you again? I have clips of me on the server and can prove that I have no xray or anything.

What else would you like to say to the admins reveiwing your appeal? (DID NOT ANSWER QUESTION)


Trial Admin
Staff member
Trial Admin
Firstly apologies for the late response, thought I had handled it already. Your name was found in the logs of a base that pathomania had found under what was deemed illegitimate circumstances, and given your closeness with pathomania in other raids and base building staff handling the situation decided to ban you as an accomplice. Appeal denied.

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