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Denied Ban Appeal - Yoodaddymg1

Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by Yoodaddymg1, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. Yoodaddymg1

    Yoodaddymg1 New Member

    Member Name Yoodaddymg1

    Ban appeals are for when we have made a mistake, or there has been a significant change in the circumstances.
    These are the only reasons a ban appeal would be accepted. Appeals for "apologies" or just admitting you did wrong will be instantly denied.

    In Game Name: Yoodaddyg1

    Length of Ban: Perm ban

    Nature of ban(ie, mine craft temp banned or TS3 perm ban) : Minecraft ban

    Staff who banned you : Infamousage

    Staff who dealt with you : Infamousage, Milkybag

    Staff who have warned you previously : NONE

    Reason for ban on record : Dox threats

    Why do you think you were banned?(what you think the admins thought) : I was unfairly banned for dox threatening. however none of the things that i did had nothing to do with this.

    What is your explanation of this reason? Infamous misunderstood the information I told him.

    Why should we unban you? I never Dox threat anyone.

    What measures will you take to prevent this from happening again? I will avoid all the people that i got in an argument with

    How can we trust you again? I have never been banned for doing things like this. I'm also trustful and well I try to help others with the server even though I am not a helper.

    What else would you like to say to the admins who will review this case? I never Dox threaten anyone, all i did was stand up for myself. The other person whom i had an argument with started talking bad about me and well all i did was stand up for myself. However, i never dox threaten anyone.
  2. Freed0m

    Freed0m Mod Moderator VIP

    Just adding on to this, since this appeal was made you've attempted to avoid the ban by using another person's account - which has since also been banned.
  3. InFamousAge

    InFamousAge Admin Staff Member Admin MVP+

    I was willing to work with you and discuss a shortened ban as last time we spoke you had no intentions of cooperating. You then decided to evade your ban and play on another account. This is not allowed under any circumstances, I will bring this up at the next meeting but due to your approach I'm not shortening or unbanning you. Appeal denied

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