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Denied Ban Appeal

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In Game Name :Loyaldk
Length of Ban :3 days
Nature of ban(ie, mine craft temp banned or TS3 perm ban) : mc
Staff who banned you : jrd
Staff who dealt with you : no one
Staff who have warned you previously : no one
Reason for ban on record : tracer hacks
Why do you think you were banned?(what you think the admins thought) : I turned around at probable the worse time.
Why what is your explanation of this reason? : I was messing around in a raid, killing harbey over and over again. I turned around and saw someone there, I turned around for one second, at the worst time, all that happen was i turned around and i saw someone vanish which I assume was jrd. I then run around in this tiny tiny base, and kill Harbey, he was crouching yes but i was running around waiting for my friend to tell me to tp, I turn the corner in this small area, and killed him.
Why should we unban you : Because I do not have "tracer hacks" and all I did was raid which is allowed on the server, it was a small base so running around wasn't hard to find someone, and I get banned for tunring around because I was running that way and get banned for it.
What measures will you take to prevent this from happening again? : I do not really see what I can prevent from happening again because the way I look at it, it was staffs fault, I was just raiding and killing in a small base, it was not hard to find people and kill them in a tiny little boxed off area, and then turn around and see someone and continue running that way. So I do not see anything I can prevent, it was an error?
How can we trust you again? : By letting me back on the server and you can see how small this base was and, how easy it was to run around the whole thing, and I just turned around and saw someone contiuned running that way, it was like I saw a ghost, and I get banned for seeing a "ghost" or Jared. I turned around anyone could turn around there is a such thing as bad timing especially in this tiny little base that I could run around the whole thing in less than a minute.
What else would you like to say to the admins who will review this case? : Please unban me I do not have any hacks, this was just simply a mistake on the staff, the server just reset and I was working on a farm with my friends, I took a break to raid, I turn around


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Hello loyal,
I was following you for around 20 minutes after a trialmod reported you. I watched you do a few suspicious things along the way, because I was not positive. While swimming across an ocean you were looking straight down (similar to what a person with xray does). You also did this spin a few times that looked like you enabled derp hacks for about 1 second and then turned it off (Multiple times). The trialmod originally reported you for pvp hacks, so while you were in pvp Dakota and I tried somethings. When you were attacking the people, you instantly knew when they got there. At one point you were all the way at the top of the base, looked down and saw Harbey starting to climb the latter. You could not see his name tag from the spot, and you looked straight into the ground at him. I decided when I went down there to unvanish behind you. You then turned around instantly. I did it a second time, and the same thing happened. It looked like a definite case where tracers would be used. Since I was the banning staff if you would like I could get Dakota or spalw to look at both sides and decide the verdict.


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I would like to add that I was looking down underwater because I wanted to seer if I could find an underwater temple or something cool like a cave, and I would also like to add the whole "derp"hack thing, 1.9 is very glitchy water is very glitch, I have heard many people talk about issues with knock back and with there head twitching, test it out after a while you will see how glitchty the water is especially when people are in boats. As for pvp, the base was small and not that far away, you could test it yourself, you would notice the people, and I found out where there homes were set, so I could just run over to them and check if anyone else was there.
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