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Denied Ban appeal


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In Game Name :rnb98
Length of Ban :3 days
Nature of ban(ie, mine craft temp banned or TS3 perm ban) :mc
Staff who banned you :killer
Staff who dealt with you :killer
Staff who have warned you previously :no one
Reason for ban on record :faction hopping
Why do you think you were banned?(what you think the admins thought) :I left my faction to kill someone
Why what is your explanation of this reason? : I was not aware that leave your faction to kill someone was faction hopping, I was told that faction hopping is when someone leaves the faction to escape pvping in enemy territory.
Why should we unban you :Because I did not know that, that was faction hopping, I will gladly take a warning, but I did not know it was faction hopping.
What measures will you take to prevent this from happening again? :I will not make my own faction to kill people
How can we trust you again? :You can watch me, but I will not make my own faction I was unaware that, that was considered faction hopping I thought it was only when you leave a faction to get out of enemy territory and escape pvp.
What else would you like to say to the admins who will review this case? : Killer who I think is friends with relight, was saying relight did not get a warning for faction hopping, but when he factioned hopped he was in claimed territory, and we were hitting him we stopped hitting him he made his own fac and tped out. That is why I feel like you can not compare my situation with Relights. I would also like to add that relight did not care about this whole faction hopping thing until I beat him twice in a /cf. It triggered him, this has nothing about the killing it was about the cf. Relight does not like me and will do anything to get me banned. I promise I will never make a new faction to kill anyone, and I promise I will never faction hop. I did not know it was faction hopping and I am deeply sorry that I did. Please unban me I want to work on building with my faction members I promise you I did not know it was fac hopping, and relight only cared about this after I beat him in a cf. Thank you for taking the time to read this and have a good night.


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I truly do not understand why rnb98 was banned but please maybe you will listen to what he's said rnb98 was there when I was starting out on mcdrugs he's a good friend but hopefully the staff will forgive rnb98


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Faction hopping is against the rules. Even if you heard that faction hopping is leaving a faction to tpa out of an area (/f unstuck is for) and then rejoining your faction. Then leaving a faction to kill someone is just about the same thing. It's common sense. My admin Candy will reply later to see if I did anything wrong.

Appeal Denied.


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I would like Candy to look at this whole appeal, and see his opinion on it, because I am sorry I did not know that it was faction hopping, also I find it strange that relight did not care about the whole thing until I beat him in cf


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I would like someone else to deny this because killer you are the one who banned me in the first place of course you are going to say denied, you are also friends with the people who wanted me banned.


Staff member
Killer did what he was supposed to do. Faction hopping is leaving your faction to do any action that your current faction would not normally allow. This means leaving to just to kill someone... leaving to avoid faction territory rules etc. These rules have been in place since we have started factions to keep the playing field even for all parties. This is a tempban, therefore you will be able to return when the ban timer is over. Please keep all this in mind and if you ever have any questions about rules or if you are unsure if something could be considered bannable, please contact me or another staff member and we can get you the answer. Thanks.

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