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Discussion in 'Ban Appeal' started by _Oxify_, Apr 2, 2021.

  1. _Oxify_

    _Oxify_ New Member

    I was texting something with my friend (NirTrex) and i accidentally disconnected in combat, it was in wild he punched me of a bridge to see how powerful our armours were and the chunk didnt loaded and i got kicked, i got bannecd for 24 hours for combat logging and you can ask NirTrex to see if it was an accident, please unban me
  2. _Oxify_

    _Oxify_ New Member

    testing* i mean, sorry for the inconvenence and please consider unbanning me because i bought VIP recently and i want to use the rank
  3. CrankyCorpse

    CrankyCorpse Mod Staff Member Moderator

    Please follow the ban appeal template found here. https://mc-drugs.com/threads/ban-appeal-template.2/

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