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Been Around a Bit

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by OOM_Laut, Sep 7, 2020.

  1. OOM_Laut

    OOM_Laut New Member

    I'm James but my in game name is OOM_Laut. I have been playing MCDrugs since the end of last year, and am a well know but regrettably less than respected player. Anyways I am now trying to be more of a big player in the community and hope to get Drug Lord Master by sometime in the next few months. I like helping new players and have built many farms for people who are interested. Add me on discord at James Remley#9169 if you want to do something together on the server.
  2. Freed0mMC

    Freed0mMC Trial Admin Staff Member Trial Admin VIP

    yes mate
  3. JewBait

    JewBait Member

    mate yes
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  4. JGC1999

    JGC1999 TrialMod TrialMod

    Hello friend! Glad to see you are aiming to become more involved in the community :D
  5. Father

    Father New Member

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