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Better Help for the French Players

Should Dakota Make a Discord Channel to Specifically Help French Players

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This post is aimed more at Dakota directly but I would like to get some input from a bunch of players and see what they think about this idea. Lately, a lot of French players have been posting questions in the MCDrugs Discord under the normal channels (such as general) and do not recieve answers. Additionally, the French players that ask questions in the French only channel do not get much help either, as most of the French players are entirely new and do not know much about the game. I propose a new Discord channel that is aimed at helping French players with questions about the game. Obviously this would involve dedication on the English player's behalf to make sure their translations are accurate and correctly tranfer the wording they intend. This could be a Helper only channel or open to all players but it should be clearly explained what is expected of English players when attempting to help French players. I think the new influx of players is great for the server, but I also think they need better help with understanding the rules and more support. Please let me know what you think about this idea!


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There is a general french chat on our discord,
and un official community run MCD french community discord already.

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