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Blood Fac Recruuitment

Hello fellow MCD players looking for a faction to have fun in but be sweaty at the same time. Introducing MCDs first faction that can be cops, farmers. afkers, managers and more.

THINGS WE LOOK FOR IN A PLAYER (must be at least one of them):

Good at PvP

Good at building

Good at red-stone

Good at finding bases

Can afk for a period of time

Good at managing all of the above

TEMPLATE (ctrl c+ctrl v)
In-Game name:
Drug Rank / Cop Rank:
Online time? ( /ot in game):
What's your timezone?:
How often do you play?:
What other factions have you been if you have:
Why do you want to join the faction:
How did you come across this fac (example: dakkota told me)

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