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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by reece, Nov 13, 2018.

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  1. reece

    reece Member VIP+


    Well I think everyone knows what a bounty is. I had an idea to add bounties to the server probably for the next map. Bounties would be an amount of money set for someones head (death). So upon the killing of someone with a bounty the hunter would collect a cash amount set by the prosecutor. Another idea for the bounties is a bounty crate. Everything is explained in the list below:

    /bounty set <$> <player> <reason(optional)> - to set a bounty onto a player
    /bounty increase <$> <player> - for increasing the bounty on said person
    /bounty claim - for when you've killed the person with the bounty
    /bounty top - list of top bounty hunters
    /bounty information - (/bounty info) explains what bounties are, i.e :
    [Bounty] Bounties are set amounts of a money reward on a players head (death). You must kill this person in order to receive the reward.
    /bounty statistics - (/bounty stats) for seeing your statistics of bounties; which could look something like this:
    Bounties Collected: <#> - amount of bounties you've collected
    Bounties Available: <#> - available bounties online
    Your Bounties: <#> - what bounties you have set, reward
    Bounty Warrant: <#> - how much bounty is set on you
    Bounty Tokens: <#> - how many bounty tokens you have received
    Upon the setting of a bounty, a global announcement would be sent, somewhere along the lines of;
    [Bounty] <Player> has set a bounty for <$> on <Player> for <reason(optional)>!
    Upon the collection of a bounty, a global announcement would be sent, somewhere along the lines of;
    [Bounty] <Player> has collected the bounty of <$> on <Player>'s head!

    A bounty token would be a piece of a bounty key for a bounty crate, in order to redeem this key a player would need to collect up to 5 keys. Once a person has got 5 keys, they could use the bounty crate. Prizes in the bounty crate could include:
    • Hunting Knife (Diamond Sword equivalent to /rankup crate sword) - 5% chance
    • Hunter's Knife (Diamond Sword equivalent to Tear III vote crate sword) - 2.5% chance
    • M16 Rifle with 64 x Rifle ammo - 5% chance
    • 10 mcMMO Credits (For Swords, Archery, or Axes) - 3% chance
    • Potion of Swiftness II x 3 - 3.5% chance
    • Hunter Tag ([Hunter]) 4% chance
    • $5,000 IGM - 3% chance
    • $25,00 IGM - 0.75% chance
    • Bounty Booster x 1.5 (Boosts bounty by x 1.5) 0.25% chance
    Personally I think this would add another level to the game and encourage PvP whilst also making it more dangerous to walk around. Plus, it's another way to add money to the economy, also it's pretty realistic considering there's often bounties on drug-lords, dealers etc in reality.

    Thanks to everyone who reads this, any feedback is welcome just don't be a dick. If you have any ideas please feel free to post them down below too. And thanks for any consideration the staff give this. :D

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  2. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

    Thanks for this post.

    Usually, if you're leaving a suggestion for something like this - it isn't necessary to list all of the commands and broadcasts etc.
    We have commented on having bounties before, as we have had them many times in the past in different forms. We all agree that they would be a nice thing to have, but there aren't really any good plugins that we could find.

    If I find the motivation, I could make something to do this myself. But it's unlikely that we would get a custom plugin for something like this made at this point of the map.

    The list of crate items is always very useful, we often struggle to create unique ideas for crates now, as we have made over 300 unique crate items over the past few maps and we try our best not to repeat ideas.

    Again, thanks for such a detailed thread, and if you have any more suggestions you're always welcome to make another post.
  3. UltraKiIIer69

    UltraKiIIer69 Member

    UltraKiIIer69 (I am gonna permanently quit MCDrugs because it is not as fun as last map). MCDrugs is really getting boring and it basically gives me a headache so I dislike this server now. Last map was way better because I was new and I was looking for a faction. Ever since I joined Vanguard I started seeing the game becoming boring because vanguard is a really good team. When you are in a good team you do not really need to do much therefore I basically got bored not saying that Vanguard is bad. Vanguard has the best people in it and all sorts of kindness people in it so it can be enjoyful. But when I started seeing vanguard was stacked I started getting bored from that. I think hat MCDrugs was a better game when it was in 2017 but 2018 is just ruined with a dumb map. The desert map is so terrible and gives me a huge headache when I go Sell about 8 times in a row. This map is not successfully built as the other. Many cops now might even hack unlike last map. I hope you guys all still enjoy the game if this cannot persuade you. -(UltraKiIIer)- ✌️ ✌️ have fun to all that is reading this and hope you guys still have an amazing adventure playing MCDrugs!!!
  4. Spalw

    Spalw Owner Staff Member Owner

  5. GotEdit

    GotEdit Well-Known Member Contributor II MVP+

    I may make this suggestion as something for me to try out and create, possibly for the server. It seems like a lot of fun and I remember the old bounty plugin we have had before.
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