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CapitalFTP Recruitment

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A lot of people have been a part of CapitalFTP - you might know a few of them. If you'd like to be a part of it, I'd be glad to have you.

Faction Rules
  1. Maintain faction security. Don't bring people into FTP bases - even other faction members. I will handle access to bases. If you want someone you know added to the faction, talk to me about it or refer them to this post. Bringing in anyone to any base they don't have express permission to be in will be considered a raid.
  2. Don't raid other FTP members. I don't care how poorly-protected their base is. Backstabbing any member - or former member - of CapitalFTP will result in an immediate ban.
  3. Be active. If you've got places to be, tell me. Otherwise, I expect all members to have a decent level of activity (~two sessions a week, with lenience for more active members), and extended periods of inactivity will result in demotion.
  1. Hey, you're not Beams14! The faction died completely after the 2018 reset. I took the responsibility of restarting it myself.
  2. What do you have to offer? A basic farm and safe item storage, for now. With time and effort (and fpower) from members, we can expand the faction with more farms & bases from which all members can benefit.
  3. What are my opportunities for faction rank? Anything you can earn. My first focus is to get members, but as time goes on the faction will need more management than just me. Those who have been a part of the faction for the longest and have shown the most activity & reliability will be considered for higher ranks.
  4. Are cops allowed? Sure! You won't be given access to any farms, of course, but feel free to participate in any raids or use our item storage.
Ranking System
  • Trial period: Recruit. You will not be given access to any FTP bases for one week. If you show enough activity and reliability, you will be ranked up at the end of this period. Infractions during this period will result in removal from the faction.
  • Normal rank: Member. You have access to the basic FTP farm and a safe place in Wild to store your drugs until you're ready to run them. Infractions as a member will result in a warning or, for more severe infractions, removal.
  • Moderator. Select members who have shown reliable activity and have no infractions may be considered for moderation. Moderators have access to all FTP farms and item storage, as well as have the power to kick members or recruits. Abuse of this power in any way will result in removal.
  • Co-leader. Co-leaders are very carefully selected from the longest-standing moderators who have shown reliability in every situation, or who have notable experience with past iterations of CapitalFTP. Any abuse of co-leader powers will result in removal.
Application Form
  • IGN
  • Discord Tag (Required!)
  • Rank
  • Online Time (/ot)
  • Have you joined any other factions? If so, which?
  • Are you a previous member of CapitalFTP, and if so, during what reset?
  • What thing in MCD are you most proud of doing? (a raid, a faction, etc.)
  • What experience or knowledge do you have that others might not?
  • Trivia: What is the Black Tier of The Lion, and what makes it special?
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