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Cod's suggestions for next map

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by CodGlitchesHD, Feb 13, 2019.

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  1. CodGlitchesHD

    CodGlitchesHD Member

    Voter crates and Tier 4

    I think the voter crates are pretty good now in terms of balancing though I think that ender pearls and random seeds should be replaced in the T2 crates with at least something usable such as coal blocks x32, a mending book, EXP bottles or maybe even another T1 key.

    I think adding a Tier 4 key that is obtainable as a very low chance (0.1%) through tier 3 crates and voting could be a nice addition because I've seen a few players who don't really care for voting anymore as the benefits aren't huge endgame and this would be a great incentive for them to keep doing so. As for what's in the crate it could consist of things such as the keys out of /pshop, maybe an McMMO crate key, credits, points, possibly even an extremely low chance at a Tier 3 horse? (or even a high level T1/2 horse so you still have to upgrade at some point) You could add some pretty sick stuff in considering how rare it would be and it would keep voting feeling fresh since everyone has experienced opening plenty of T3s now.

    Drop Parties

    Honestly from my experience the drop parties here are complete dog shit and a waste of time. I understand that DPs shouldn't be super insane because you don't want to feel like you're at a huge disadvantage for missing them but the rewards are seriously pathetic imo. I think each DP should have a somewhat different loot table with obvious reoccurring items such as P4, actual good enchanting books, Mob spawners, T3 tools and EXP pots shooting out makes it feel a bit more hectic and fun.

    I think there should be more actual rewards such as /pshop keys, legacy rank books (ofc low tier ones unless maybe on special occasion) a few global 20 min boosters 1.7x or so, some pit books and advert credit books, just things that players can't easily obtain. I think that these and /auc plugin work really well together as the server is usually really busy and hyped after a DP trying to buy all the new items. You could also make DPs once every two weeks so it's not spawning in too many things but the players are actually excited for it and everybody is there. Ideally I'd prefer 1 huge room with item grouping disabled but I'm not sure if that's even possible for a specific area or if you'd need to manually disable it every time though I know it could be problematic for people with wooden PCs.

    Another thing that my old server dropped during DPs were actual rare collectors items which were usually part of a set, here are 2 examples. They didn't really have a use and were more of a money sink for end game players such as myself but could be dropped and players would actually feel like they got something cool regardless if they wanted to keep or sell.

    Vote Parties

    I'm not sure if it would be possible but a weekly system where the total votes ramp up to better rewards if the target is met, example below
    • 1000 votes - guaranteed 2 keys with a separate chance of 85% for T1, 14% for T2 and 1% for T3
    • 2500 votes - guaranteed 3 keys with a separate chance of 75% for T1, 22% for T2 and 3% for T3
    • 5000 votes - guaranteed 3 keys with a separate chance of 70% for T1, 25% for T2 and 5% for T3
    Obviously these are just placeholders but you get the point and these would affect every vote party (50 votes) however might be a bit OP considering some people afk 24/7 purely for keys.


    I think the requirements should go up for helper as I sometimes see a lot of misinformation in the chat by people who clearly don't know what they're talking about. I feel a lot of players apply purely for the sake of having it more than actually wanting to help. There should also be an actual helper tag they can choose to display to make it more obvious that they have that rank since I assume a lot of new players don't know what the H stands for, both will still exist but just if you decide you want it to be more visible you can.

    Crates to spend points on / items in the crates

    As everyone knows some of the BIS items for farming such as the Smuggler Sneakers which permanently give the wearer Speed II potion effect are only obtainable from the crates that you open with keys from /pshop. I'd really like to see more of this and a lot more custom items that actually affect gameplay somehow. I know this might seem a bit obvious but just voicing that I think this makes endgame a lot more fun as it gives you something else to work towards.

    Premium with Boss Souls

    This is a thing that I think a lot of people want but maybe don't know they want yet ;) I get that people bought premium in the past and it's fair enough they keep it but I'd just like a way to obtain it too (preferably before the new map) considering how much of an impact it has especially early on in a map where every key/credit counts. It would also boost pit sales since it's more things to spend souls on.

    Visible Mastery

    The mastery system is pretty cool and quite interesting however I think your progress should be displayed in chat somehow as it's quite a huge part of ranking up. Considering getting to Drug Lord rank is only 50% of the way to max it's pretty stupid imo that you look exactly the same as someone who who has fully completed their mastery. Having some indicator such as different ranks, tags or maybe a prefix displaying how far you are would be much better than nothing.

    Rank Rewards

    I'm not really a huge fan of the prestige system as it's kinda boring imo. I'd much rather have unique rank names because I feel it's just generally more interesting to look at and the progression feels a lot more smoother oppose to paying 3m for Rasta rank then going back to paying next to nothing for the first few ranks of next prestige.

    I feel that the actual rewards for actually ranking up are a bit lackluster after first prestige such as repeating the same +1 extra mule job, +1 home and +1 power ect however I don't really have any major suggestions on what you could add at the moment. Possibly allowing higher ranks to rent larger player shops or having a physical warp to /shop where you can buy things at a cheaper rate.

    I also think the rank required to enroll in police should be a bit higher as I feel it might drive newer players away enrolling early and not knowing what they're getting themselves into oppose to people who have played a bit longer and know what being police is like. It would most likely solve a few problems of people who don't read the rules and don't have as much to lose as someone who spent a week or so getting to the rank to enroll.

    Custom Recipes

    Adding custom recipes would open up an entire different world for farming as you could make new drugs and balance accordingly since at the moment I don't really see a reason to grow multiple types of drugs. It would also be a pretty sick QoL if you were able to compress other drugs like you can with wheat into haybales or nether warts into nether wart blocks.

    Mule Configuration

    I haven't used the mule feature nearly as much as most people but one thing that did come to mind when using it was that I'd like to be able to set my minimum reputation requirement for auto accept a bit higher. 50 isn't really too difficult to reach especially if you're muling during dead times, having the ability to change that to whatever I wanted would be pretty good I think. Also being able to blacklist people from taking/seeing my mules would be nice, not that I've personally had a problem with it but I just feel this should be something available if needed like the same person always getting caught or someone you don't want to work with taking your mules.

    Add a rule about bumping /advert

    I've noticed that some people like to only post their advert as soon as someone else posts theirs and since they have the same cooldown you can do it every single time. I think there needs to be a rule on waiting till the previous advert is off-screen before posting a new one because all this does it wipes the entire chat and spams for no reason other than being annoying. I understand that there is a lot more MVP++ now so people will post more but people abusing this basically make /advert useless as I never want to post since I know some clown is just gonna bump it then someone else will bump theirs and so on. Only problem I can see is once the initial advert is over multiple people may want to post theirs and end up posting at the same time so if there was an actual way to prevent people posting if one was recently posted that would be a much better solution.

    That's all I have for now, if I have anymore I'll update in this thread. Feel free to give opinions on what you like/dislike and why, thanks.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2019
  2. Zerooo__

    Zerooo__ Retired Staff Retired Staff MVP+

    I like them all ;)
    Dakota add them <3
  3. Burrito2

    Burrito2 Well-Known Member MVP

    100% agree with the Helper point. Half the helpers don't know any of the rules.
  4. Puppy_Killer

    Puppy_Killer Well-Known Member 2017 Map Founder MVP++

    A lot of these i could really see happening. Some of your ideas should be expaned on though, like the helper requirements, what exactly do you think should be changed ect. I do like some of these and hope to see some added sometime
  5. Lukey13

    Lukey13 Member

    Very good point on the Mule system and the implementation should at least be trialed on the next map (or even sooner). Since the Mules taking the jobs are already established, it does not take away from upcoming Mules and could perhaps even help boost the reputation and level of those lower.

    Drop party I completely agree with and used to play the same server that Cod is speaking about. The items were in no way game-breaking and were just there for somewhat of a collectible.

    In regards to ranks, I quickly discovered that I don't really need to rank up on the server to be successful which I think needs changed. The Legacy ranks are of course there to have a goal, however there needs to be something more to entice players to rankup.

    Even just having a trial period for a month before the map reset on some of the above suggestions would help see if the implementations would be effective for the server and the next map.
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