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Invalid Cop hacking

Discussion in 'Player/Staff Reports' started by siggikarel1, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. siggikarel1

    siggikarel1 New Member

    Your IGN :siggikarel1
    Player to be reported : AlphaChop
    Player being reported Rank : Sergeant
    Describe your issue in detail : I was about to go sell my drugs (about 30k worth) i go to spawn pop my 8 minute invis potion and start running to the dealer, i run up the stairs and trough the gaps between the two buildings when i was about to go trough the gap AlphaChop dropped right infront of me and jailed me and took all the drugs. I suspect him of using tracer hacks of some sorts.
    Why do you feel this is worth a report : I have heard that some cops do hack on this server. While they are hacking we the drug dealers cant even cop log with out being banned.
    Attached Evidence here : I do not have any evidence beacause why would i be recording when i play on a minecraft drug server.

    ps: my skeleton spawner needs to be fixed
  2. siggikarel1

    siggikarel1 New Member

    i can give some schreen shots of where this horrific crime too place
  3. GoodChum_

    GoodChum_ Mod Staff Member Moderator Contributor III MVP++

    Without any evidence we cannot demote/ban this player from cop. However, it is pretty easy to see invis particles and sprint particles and from how you described him "dropping in front of you" he was watching that entrance from above and saw your particles.

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