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Important Creative Server Ranks

Discussion in 'Donations' started by jrd3044, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. InFamousAge

    InFamousAge Admin Staff Member Admin Contributor III MVP++

    Name: InFamousAge
    Rank : Vip+
  2. tylerella

    tylerella Member VIP+

    Name: tylerella
    Rank: VIP+, and Helper
  3. Kidcar33

    Kidcar33 Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP+ DrugPass III

    Name: Kidcar33
    Donor Rank: MVP+
    Also: Helper
  4. Sick

    Sick New Member VIP+

    Name: AnaIBeads

    Nickname: &6AnaI
  5. jrd3044

    jrd3044 AsstToTheOwner Staff Member AsstToTheOwner

    All users who have posted so far have received their rank. While I am giving ranks on the server, I will also update your site rank.
  6. ifWebber

    ifWebber New Member VIP

    Name: ifWebber
    Rank: VIP
  7. mamabi

    mamabi Well-Known Member MVP+

    Name: mamabi71
    Rank: MVP
  8. HarambePlaysMC

    HarambePlaysMC New Member VIP

    Name: Gangster_Joey
    Donor Rank: VIP+
    Also: Helper
  9. 4rcher

    4rcher New Member MVP

    Name: McHeisenberg
    Rank: MVP
  10. Joe Cline

    Joe Cline New Member VIP+

    Name: RussianSanta
    Rank: VIP+
  11. Bastaboii

    Bastaboii Well-Known Member Contributor III MVP++ MVP+

    Name: Dark_mcHERO
    Rank: VIP+
    Also: Trial-Mod
  12. AgentmnsPlaysMC

    AgentmnsPlaysMC New Member VIP

    Name: AgentmnsPlaysMC
    Rank: VIP
  13. fawncashew

    fawncashew New Member MVP+

    Name: F1_ (previously REK7) (previously previously 00_) (previously previously previously high_on_unicorns)
    Rank: MVP+
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2016
  14. JakeSpecter42

    JakeSpecter42 New Member VIP

    Name: JakeSpecter42
    Rank: VIP
  15. Catsurf99

    Catsurf99 New Member VIP

    Name: Catsurf99
    Rank: VIP
  16. robobradens

    robobradens Member VIP

    Name: robobradens
    Rank: VIP+
  17. _GamerX209

    _GamerX209 Member VIP+

    Name: _GamerX209
    Rank: VIP+
    Nickname: &b_GamerX209
  18. 1ramon3

    1ramon3 New Member VIP+

    Name: Ramonster137
    Rank: VIP
  19. mrtnt11

    mrtnt11 New Member VIP+

    Name: mrtnt11
    Donator Rank: vip+
  20. Harambev2

    Harambev2 New Member VIP+

    Name: Harambev2
    Rank: VIP+

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