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Delta Recruitment thread

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by ImHog, May 14, 2020.

  1. ImHog

    ImHog Member MVP+

    Welcome to Delta's recruitment page. We are a faction that was founded in 2017 by me, ImHog. We aim to be the leading faction every map. Therefore, we expect our members capable of contributing to this. In order to join, please fill out the template at the bottom of this page. I am the only person that will accept or deny your application.

    Possible ranks in the faction:
    Recruit - Achieved by getting accepted through application
    Member - Achieved by contributing to the faction actively
    Officer - Achieved by being trusted and doing major contributions

    • Do not teleport anyone to our base(s).
    • Do not raid or kill other faction members/allied faction members
    • Don't ask to be promoted to a higher rank
    • Don't be an ass to other members
    • Replant any farm you harvest of the faction communal farms
    In game name:
    Total online time(do /ot):
    Do you have discord?:
    Drug- or coprank:
    Donator rank:
    Previous factions:
    What brings you to the faction?
    What can you contribute to the faction?:
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