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Duh Hello?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by MrYellowDotCity, Oct 28, 2019.


What should my Nickname be?

  1. MrYellow (yellow color)

  2. MrYouGAYOh (grey maybe)

    0 vote(s)
  3. MrYang (green)

  1. MrYellowDotCity

    MrYellowDotCity Helper Helper

    What the heck is up?
    I'm MrYellowDotCity, commonly known as MrYellow, Mr Why yo girlfriend look like my mom, mr My stomach hurts, and occasionally known as Mr pass me the juul. Im a Helper as of right now on the server, and working very hard towards potentially one day being the Holy Trial Mod. I've been on the server for years and years before this introduction post, but I'm bored and have been craving forums action for days.. You can find me saying "Conquest #1" in general chat, or converting dubs of cane to sugar until I have a headache.. So yeah... Hey xD
  2. Blairwitch09

    Blairwitch09 Helper Helper Contributor MVP+

    That sounds like the life. Where can I sign up?
  3. n3on_n3rd

    n3on_n3rd New Member

    Love the signature!
  4. MrYellowDotCity

    MrYellowDotCity Helper Helper

  5. Lurnn

    Lurnn Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++ PvP Tournament Winner


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