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Eden Faction Recruitment 2021-2022


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Eden Faction Recruitment

Eden Information:
  • Eden is a new faction this map run by some old school players. The leaders include parcheesi15, n3on_n3rd, Craanky, Dan0308, and StonkMarket.
  • Many of our current and past members have become very well-known and high-ranking members on the server.
  • We are a very farming-oriented faction but are not afraid to engage in raiding and PvP when the occasion arises.
  • We are looking for players who enjoy grinding on the server and thinking big. We love people who are actively engaging in chat with others and joining our discord so we can get to know you!
  • If you would like more information before applying, you can /mail send parcheesi15 in-game (or any of the leaders) or message me on discord @Parcheesi#8801
Note: We give base access based on your activity on the server, our trust in you, and how much you have helped build/create the base. Do not expect instant access to bases upon joining the faction.

(Having all of these requirements does not guarantee a spot in the faction)

  • We would like you to have at least 100 hours of online time. Use /ot to check.

  • We would like you to be at least Dealer rank.

  • We would like you to not have any strong negative relationships with other players. We greatly rely on and appreciate our allies and will not stand for rivalries within our faction and its allies.

  • Having Discord is a requirement as it is one of our main channels of communication.

  • Be 16 years or older

*All joke applications will be deleted and result in possible forum punishments

Please copy and paste this template below and fill it out completely.


Ingame Name:Omni_R10T


Time Zone: utc,US

Drug Rank: producer

Online Time (/ot):15hr 3m

Do you have discord:yes

Is this your first map on MC-Drugs (if no, please specify): i played 2 years ago but stopped playing during summer and decided to start playing again

Previous Factions: flowerpower

Reasons you left: not many members and didn't have trust worthy people {stealing items}

Why we should accept you over others: i will grind and contribute to the team,i am also willing to spend 6+ hours to benefit the team.

What do you want from us as a faction: people that i can play with and enjoy playing.

You can expect a response to your application within 7 days. Thank you!
Ingame Name: spooky_anchovies

Age: 20

Time Zone: Central Standard (US)

Drug Rank: MassProducer

Online Time (/ot): 83 Hours

Do you have discord: Yes, I can speak anytime I am online

Is this your first map on MC-Drugs (if no, please specify): Possibly, I played a lot of servers like this one when I was around 13

Previous Factions: My own, made it to claim my vault (I did apply to retirement but they denied it tho)

Reasons you left: N/A

Why we should accept you over others: I'm pretty good at farming, I have no problem sharing my wealth on the server, I plan to play long term, I also have a lot of old factions experience, I am in central standard but I am most often on around midnight to 5 am but could be on most of the day on mondays and tuesdays. (I also have MVP rank idk if that matters)

What do you want from us as a faction: a nice farm and maybe some raiding if the opportunity arises, maybe some cool people to fuck around with in the pit.
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