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Eden Faction Recruitment

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Ingame Name: OhReallyBender

Age: 22

Time Zone: NA CST

Drug Rank: KingPin

Online Time (/ot): 222h 16min

Do you have discord: Yes/OhReallyBender#9733

Is this your first map on MC-Drugs (if no, please specify): First map on MC-Drugs, not the first drug server ive played before.

Previous Factions: My Own, Duffys, just me and a couple friends that were goofing around

Reasons you left: N/A

Why we should accept you over others: I first started on this server 3 weeks ago, immediately fell in love with it. I am very eager to grind and put the time in to show i am/will be a loyal faction member. I may have little experience on this server but I played on an old server with Parch and Brad and spent well over 1500 hours grinding out that server. I would become a dedicated member in helping building and farming whatever is needed to keep Eden at the TOP of the factions list.

What do you want from us as a faction: Wisdom and Experience on how to grow more in the community of MCD along with some tips and tricks how to become one of the best on the server.
Ingame Name: PiggyJingles

Age: 16

Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time

Drug Rank: Dealer, but this application is tailored for the next map.

Online Time (/ot): 438 hours

Do you have discord: Yes

Is this your first map on MC-Drugs (if no, please specify): The map after the reset this week will be my third map.

Previous Factions: Aegis

Reasons you left: Banned, it won't happen again.

Why we should accept you over others: I have been playing on MCD for a considerable amount of time, which gives me a substantial knowledge-base advantage over other applicants. Last map (or two maps ago if this application is being read after reset) I created the AFK-auto farms that utilized the advantage of the auto-replant system. This was widely adopted by many players and factions, particularly in the use of nether warts, which I found to be the most profitable at the time of the creation of the farm design. The AFK-automatic farms were eventually banned, but it still remains that the extraordinarily efficient farm design originated from yours truly. This shows that Eden should accept me into the faction because I am very innovative for farming ideas, and I am constantly thinking of new ways to revolutionize the MCD industry to maximize profits. For the next map, it would be valuable and beneficial to possess me as a member, for I may come up with ideas for new farm types. I already have some designs for automatic chorus fruit and flower farms to capitalize on the current high price of chorus fruit, which I would be willing to discuss more in detail.

What do you want from us as a faction: As a player with careful attention to farming, I value that Eden is a farming-oriented faction. With auto farms that may be large and potentially expensive, security is important to thrive on the server. However, I am also wanting from Eden a communal aspect as well. I enjoy spending time with faction members in voice calls or chats on Discord, and having fun with others that enjoy playing on MCD as much as I do. So, with all things considered, I hope that you will accept me into your faction; in the name of profits, and in the name of good times.

Thank you.


New Member

Ingame Name:

staymadd (Formerly Apoollo)



Time Zone:

EDT (eastern standard time)

Drug Rank:

Prestige 2 Drug Baron

Online Time:

598 hours (most of that non-afk)

Do you have discord:

Yes. I'm in the Eden discord.

Is this your first map on MC-Drugs:
I have been playing MC-Drugs for 2-3 maps (not including the 2020 map, which I was very active in)

Previous Factions:


Reasons you left:

I went inactive due to a lack of activity in late 2020. However, this summer I will be able to spend lots of time on MCD.

Why we should accept you over others:

I'm good friends with Eden Members like Krowzzy, Darky, and NoHaxx. I'm not a jerk that pisses everyone off, good at grinding and no life-ing minecraft, and have experience building large farms (I built a large melon and sugarcane farm and cactus farm with Darky and NoHaxx which spanned multiple chunks), along with raiding experience (me and Krowzzy while we had our own faction used to raid a ton.)

What do you want from us as a faction:

I'm looking to rejoin Eden to have a good faction to farm, raid, pvp, and have some fun with. I haven't been playing for a few months now and looking to have a blast in the 2021 map with my old friends.


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2021 Gold Founder
2022 Gold Founder
Ingame Name: FriSauce

Age: 22

Time Zone: Pacific

Drug Rank: P1 Crim/Cop last map

Online Time (/ot): 680h

Do you have discord: FriSauce#2453

Is this your first map on MC-Drugs (if no, please specify): no, 3rd

Previous Factions: Eden.

Reasons you left: Quit playing MCD

Why we should accept you over others: Ex top 3 Mule, highest %

What do you want from us as a faction: Companionship and drugs


Ingame Name: EthanBigHammer

Age: 16

Time Zone: EST

Drug Rank: reset

Online Time (/ot): 176 hours

Do you have discord: yes

Is this your first map on MC-Drugs (if no, please specify): No I have been playing since about 2016/2017

Previous Factions: Unicornz, Misfits

Reasons you left: Unicornz died, I got banned the map I was in Misfits (which was later appealed)

Why we should accept you over others: I have been playing this server for years and will contribute a lot to the team.

What do you want from us as a faction: Farms and people to raid with
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