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Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by _SlimeZ_, Dec 8, 2018.

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  1. _SlimeZ_

    _SlimeZ_ New Member

    Do you want to be part of a powerful, growing faction?
    Do you enjoy raiding with comrades and selling drugs with ease?
    Do you want to have a safe place to farm and grind?


    Create an application below or /msg _SlimeZ_ or Capjan in game to join our ever-growing faction!


    Application to join EPICYETTYS

    1. What is your Ign?

    2. How long have you been on this server?

    3. How long have you been playing with the factions plugin?

    4. What is you best skill/ability to bring to the faction?

    5. On a scale of 1-10 what would you rate yourself at:
    Melee PVP
    Ranged PVP
    Cannon building and firing
    Raiding in general

    6. Have you ever insided a faction on this server, if so, what is the name of said faction?


    Thanks for applying!!!
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2018
  2. CosmicRiptidee

    CosmicRiptidee New Member


    around 10 hrs

    since around 2017 then i stopped playing started again recently

    Im pretty level headed i dont get panicked easily

    Melee is a 6.5
    Ranged 8
    Dont really build or fire cannons much but i can learn pretty quickly
    I would like to think im good at raiding

    No i have not
  3. _SlimeZ_

    _SlimeZ_ New Member


    /msg _SlimeZ_ or another member in game, I will be on all day.
  4. AJwaffle

    AJwaffle New Member

    IGN: AJwaffle
    Time on server: 26 h 46 min
    Time playing factions: since around 2016 I think
    Best Skill: Im good at farming
    Melee: 6
    Ranged: 8
    Cannons: 7
    Raiding: 6
    Insided a faction: no
  5. _SlimeZ_

    _SlimeZ_ New Member


    /msg _SlimeZ_ or another member in game. I will be on in the evening ( 14 hours from this post)
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