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Invalid FaLseXD using PlayerEsp + Evidence


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My IGN: North3rnLights

Player to be reported: FaLseXD

Player rank: Detective

Description of problem: I was frisked really suspiciously while muling with invis and speed popped, so I made it my goal to catch him in the act so I went invis 3 other times and 3 out of 3 times he came directly to me suggesting that he is using PlayerEsp. The third time i recorded it as evidence, i gave the benefit of the doubt the first two times but...

Whys it worth a report?: Because it’s unfair for players, its hacking, that explains itself, plus it made me get caught muling because of a cheater.



Based on the length of the video/quality, there is no way to prove that he was actually hacking. There is a very common minecraft particle pack which lets people see potion particles better that looks like hacks which from what your have sent this looks like. The only way to prove otherwise would be to get more proof with better videos and us keeping a eye on him. None of that is shown and based on that and what I said above nothing can be done besides watching the player, Report Invalid.

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