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G-Coin - I Messed up Big Investors please read.


Dear Investors of G-Coin. I have no idea how i did it but i made a Fatal Error Yesterday causing my shop to Lose me my Total Balance. Us G-Coin Iinvestors have enjoyed 3years of Zero losses and i have no excuses i can make, i thought i double checked my signs i thought i tripple checked my signs but my brain obviously Gapped out.
I feel Extremely guilty and bad and plan to take a step back to focus on real life projects and what not ive had on the side burner. Please** Hold Your Coins. Do not throw them away. I Might Come back around my christmas Holiday and Grind just to make sure i get you your moneys back X2 so have faith and please forgive me for my fatal Error. This was not a planned Scam or anything like that just an extremly stupid and embarrassing error on my behalf that i will never live down.

Hold Tight and thank you so much for those who had faith in the G-Coin. I not only let you all down i let my self down.
Take Care and best wishes.


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