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Get a pvp plugin to make it 1.8PVP with 1.13 mechanics


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Retired Staff
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Fans of 1.9 pvp think 1.8 is trash and as made clear here, it’s true the other way around. This options been available for years, yet the server has remained on the updated systemS This is unlikely to change because of a minority opinion, especially when presented in the way you have.
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this is something that only could have been done straight after 1.13 came out, years in this is a stupid implementation, where I do believe if the server was completely 1.7 orientated faction pvp cannons alike that it would do better number wise statistically etc, the current population would not like that and it would be a not so fun transition!

bit of a rant but yeah, no mate


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MAKE PVP GREAT AGAIN, I dont understand how anyone could possibly like the new PVP. No one even uses shields first off, plus why would you want to hit then wait to hit again. Every shooter/fighting game ever is ability or rapid click based I agree with you. I really think staff should re think this for next map, it would make it so much more fun you can actually COMBO on 1.8 pvp, its not the same no matter what anyone says. Lastly a good amount of the new items from new versions are blocked anyways on this server but for some reason they want the pvp from the new versions, maybe its why their isnt alot of PVP action. Their really isnt raiding so maybe we could atleast get the not so boring and noobish PVP. Not being able to cannon is one thing I can deal with, but the PVP is something people should seriously re consider a very large portion of servers use 1.8 PVP and its probably for a good reason lol.
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