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GoodChum_ - Abuse


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Your IGN : _Mindset
Player to be reported : GoodChum_
Player being reported Rank : Admin
Describe your issue in detail : GoodChum_ told me he was gonna world edit my map art even though there's literally nothing wrong with it. I understand the server doesn't want like essentially hentai but what I made was not it. He did world edit something but it was just some concrete I needed for the map art. After I asked for a reason on why I wasn't allowed to do it I wasn't given a reason and then threatened with a ban because I apparently wasn't listening to him because I wanted to know why I needed to stop working on something I spent ages. I put what I was making below. It isn't nudity but you could call it sexual.
Why do you feel this is worth a report : The map art has taken me a long time and a lot of money. And I think it's fairly dumb how I can be told to not do something just because.


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Hi Mindset, there was a misunderstanding among the staff team regarding how we enforce keeping inappropriate content off the server. What type of map art is allowed is something that has only been brought into question recently. When I told you it was fine and when Goodchum told you it wasn’t, we were both answering based on our understanding of the degree to which this rule should be enforced.

The staff team has discussed it again and clarified our original intention behind the rule, and I’m afraid this map art will not be allowed. Rather than vet every single “borderline” map art, it is much easier for players to understand and easier to enforce if we just don’t allow inappropriate or suggestive map art at all.

Because it was my misunderstanding I will reimburse you the material cost of what you have already created. You can message me on discord to discuss this further (Nova#2107).

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