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Greetings! -vauxhall

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ne2, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. ne2

    ne2 New Member


    This is my introduction as vauxhallofficial. I do go by Ollie if you prefer or pm me in game.

    Facts about me:
    22 Years Old
    Work in advertising and events management
    UK based
    When did I join Minecraft? 2010, back when I was a yute.
    How long have I been on the server? Not long, a few days maximum.
    Why did I join MC-Drugs? I got called on to play with some friends, and now that I have joined, I quite enjoy the atmosphere most of the day when I'm not working.
    How long do I plan to stay for? I'm planning to stay long term and put in time every day, interacting with the community and playing the game as its supposed to be played. Lots of mule jobs, lots of money gains, lots of PIT.

    If you want to know anymore info, you can always contact me in game, message me on here or reply to the thread.
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  2. AyCyanide

    AyCyanide Helper Helper

    Hey welcome to the server, awesome to have you here :)

    You should totally use your booster soon
  3. Lurnn

    Lurnn Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++ PvP Tournament Winner

    wassssup you go hard on the pit
    Greetings from Ireland sir.
  4. OldManCandy

    OldManCandy Admin Staff Member Admin

    Welcome to the server, I hope you have an enjoyable experience here as I had many years ago and since have never left. :) If you need any help in game you can contact staff in game with the ticket system, here on the forums or on our official discord!
  5. AN_AM

    AN_AM Mod Moderator

    welcome to the server! thanks for the pit time ;)
  6. Freed0mMC

    Freed0mMC Trial Admin Staff Member Trial Admin VIP

    wagwan my g :cool::cool:
  7. ImHog

    ImHog Member MVP+

    Vauxhall cars are just terrible, even the french make better cars.

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