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Hello my name is Dylan (ign dyllaf) and i am the faction recruitment officer for the GucciMenucci Faction. If you are interested in joining fill out the application below and we will get back to you asap good luck!!

1.All drugs harvested at the faction home will be sold by designated drug runners and those who farm the drugs will be compensated (Drugs farmed anywhere else are not subject to taxing)
2. If you fail to follow rules or officer direction you can and will be demoted/kicked
3. There is a zero tolerance policy for stealing
4. Repeatedly asking for more money/ promotions will most likely get you demoted or kicked
5.Tpaing any non faction member into any area claimed by the faction will result in an Immediate kick
6.Anything an officer tells you to do you do (unless it is against server rules) not ask for officer we will give officer to those we feel deserve it

  • Username Age
  • Time played on the server
  • Assets brought to the faction (raider builder farmer ect)
  • rank (donor rank if applicable)
  • why you want to join this faction
  • previous factions you've been in
  • why we should trust you
  • any additional info you feel we need to know
Tips for prospering in the faction
  • All faction home drugs will be taxed so it is highly encouraged that you have your own farm
  • faction home farms will be claimed if requested but the owner of the farm is responsible for paying the daily 250$ tax per chunk
  • 30 days of inactivity will result in you getting kicked from the faction This is a server rule we have no power in
  • Members who frequently help out with faction projects and who frequently donate money to the faction will be more likely to be considered for promotion
  • Faction officers are here to help you so do not be scared to ask for anything you might need in the construction of your base
  • Join the faction Discord for better collaboration with faction members
  • Voice chat is in no way required for any level of the faction so don't feel pressed to use a mic
  • Members who are more active and trustworthy are more likely to be promoted than members with higher ranks and such
Good luck everyone and I hope you have a good time in the faction and the server
(Faction recruitment officer)​
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My age is 13

I have played for about a year.

I will bring a farm to the faction.

I am a dealer.

I want to join this faction because it is very organized and I think it is a great idea to have a discord.

I haven't been in any factions in this game but I have in other games.

I think you should trust me because I am very active and I vote a lot so i will donate to the faction.

I have a discord.

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