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Valid Helper mute without a valid reason

Discussion in 'Player/Staff Reports' started by ryanpro, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. ryanpro

    ryanpro New Member


    Player to be reported : TheRandomGamer42

    Player being reported Rank : Chemist

    Describe your issue in detail : At approximately 1710 EST on Friday August 16, 2019, TheRandomGamer12 issued a one-day mute on me for "BeingACunt" (it can be seen in /hist ryanpro ingame). Looking through the "Helper Guidelines" document, there is not a listing of a one-day mute, and there also isn't any mention of being a cunt. TheRandomGamer42, being a helper,not a moderator or administrator, was out of their place to mute me.

    At approximately 17:17 EST administrator spalw unmuted me.

    Why do you feel this is worth a report : I don't want some rouge helper swinging mutes on anyone else in the server.

    Attached Evidence here :
  2. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    Thanks for the report, the player has been demoted from helper and the mute will be removed from your history.

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