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Denied Hezipeazy and Jayork

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So I got ban 10 minutes ago for putting private sign on my chest and then i got ban after this.
I just want to say dude if you can't do real rules then don't ban players.

There is your "rules"
1. No hacking, cheating, or exploiting
2. No spamming
3. No excessive swearing
4. Don't be an ass use common sense
5. No asking for items or ranks (unless they were donated for)
6. Treat everyone with respect
7. No alt accounts (Tell us if you have someone on the same ip playing with you)
8. No PVP logging
9. Scamming is allowed
10. What admins say goes. Do not argue.
11. Don't use excessive caps.
12. No making new factions to evade enemy territory
13. Macros are not allowed
14. AUTO acrobatic grinders are not allowed
15. No impersonating cops. (5 minute jail time)

Other important rules:
1. Do not sell drugs in /ah or /warp market
2. Arguments that are 4+ minutes will be dealt with by an admin
3. Tpa glitching into bases
4. Block glitching

Bans 2 days for this is ridiculous.... We are friday it's the weekend man be chill seriously...
Personally i read rules from the forum not IG, so what can I say more ?


Staff member
Appeal denied. Incorrect format. You cannot appeal for two players at once. Please make your own appeals on your own accounts.
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