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Denied I didnt go over tall the rules like i should have

In the past few days of playing I have broken rules I didnt know about and know I have went through to make sure I can promise to do better My Racial slur was out of the way and I should have thought about what using adverts are all about Inciting spam in the chat is stupid as well and should not be done Please Un Ban My Account : UndergrondAlien I will promise to do better and if not will seek further banishment I really Love this server and would love to continue playing under the guidlines


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Appeal Denied.
If you're going to appeal, please make it using the correct format.

Know that it is your responsibility to read all of the rules, and you are agreeing to them by choosing to play on the server. Aside from that, I would like to mention that a lot of the stuff you have said and done in-game was very immature, and apology appeals are not accepted. It's only one day, but if you continue it will get longer.

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