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Improper Mute (Chickenchit)

Discussion in 'Player/Staff Reports' started by Sgl246, Mar 24, 2020.

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  1. Sgl246

    Sgl246 New Member

    Your IGN : Sgl246
    Player to be reported : Chickenchit
    Player being reported Rank : Moderator
    Describe your issue in detail : Me and the play LEXSharp123 were having a discussion about politics in the general chat of the server, Chicken decided to interject into the conversation and tell us to take it to messages even though neither of us were being remotely toxic or hostile to each other and were abiding by all the server chat rules (not spamming etc), when questioned as to why we couldn't discuss this topic in the chat Chicken joked around saying he said he couldn't talk about it and the server wasn't a democracy and we had no presumption of freedom of speech. Me and Lex continued to talk to each other in the main chat, moving away from the topic which had caused Chicken to be upset, however he still felt the need to mute both me and Lex for 30 minutes for being a "nuisance in the chat". It's outrageous that Chicken is allowed to become the fun police and punish players arbitrarily, even when no server rules were actually broken.
    Why do you feel this is worth a report : I feel this is worthy of a report because chickenchit's abuse of power as a mod is stifling the ability for players to communicate on this server simply. When pressed on why Chicken would mute someone for something that's not against the rules he said this server isn't a democracy and he cant do basically whatever he wanted. Staff who think themselves to be above the rules are exactly what is wrong with this server and creat an unfair environment for all players on the server.
    Attached Evidence here :
  2. Lex Sharp

    Lex Sharp New Member

    IGN: LEXsharp132
    I am here to verify that this information is true. While Sgl and I disagreed in opinion, we discussed topics relating to COVID-19 with grace and maturity. I wasn't inclined to report this incident because at the end of the day, I do not really care about not being able to talk in the main chat for 30 minutes. Upon learning that I (nor Sgl246) had not broken any rules, I did want to discuss the incident, because discussing an increasingly-important topic from an educated standpoint is an incredibly important skills. I have witnessed arguments on this server go unaddressed, even when encompassing foul and downright disturbing slurs, rooted in prejudice and unequivocally associated with the deaths of humans. My discussion with Sgl246 was not even an argument, but a civilized debate between two respectful individuals.

    I can corroborate with the course of events outlined by Sgl246 above.

    I acknowledge the server has every right to censor what players say, and have nothing against that fact. It is not my right to have free speech on this server, and I do not ask for it. What I do question, is whether a civilized conversation with vague ties to political opinions could be classified as a "unnecessary conflict" when nobody complained it, except the moderator Chickenchit.

    In my opinion, which I acknowledge has little merit or importance, it was an abuse of power to mute two people capable of having a friendly discussion.

    It is also to be noted that neither of us were given multiple warnings, as claimed by Chickenchit (evidence included below)

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  3. chickenchit

    chickenchit Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++

    The discussion you two were having with each other was fine, I told you to take it to private message because it can make the other players in chat rowdy, which is what I was trying to avoid. I told you politely to just message each other, that's not a hard concept. I'm not saying what you personally did was wrong, but you both didn't stop. Moderating chat on a drug server is a trip, and I'm not right 100% of the time at all, but I am one of the more lenient staff members when it comes to discussions of this nature. If I see that it's going to start something else in the chat entirely, I will try to stop it before that happens, because majority of the time it does. Muting 2 people who would rather ignore me than take a conversation to PM's is easier than trying to calm down a whole player base of 100+ players who take political discussions as an excuse to be racist and spam.
    As for the "you have no rights", that was obviously a joke, and we do have a set of rules we abide by; I don't just make things up as I see fit.

    I'll let another staff member decide if I abused or not, but I'm sorry if you personally feel like I did.
  4. Sgl246

    Sgl246 New Member

    I'm sorry but how does muting two people having a conversation which doesn't violate any rules, for 30 minutes doesn't make any sense when the rules state that you should mute people for 5,10,15 mins after a warning even if they're being racist or spamming... clearly you muted both of us for far too long with far too little of a reason to do it but alright even given your reasons, I really don't understand how two people having a civil conversation is in your eyes provoking enough to get the entire server to be toxic and racist? It makes no sense that we would receive a worse punishment than the supposed people we would be riling up, if the server is unable of being capable of a polite conversation then it's your job to punish the players who are being too toxic. I don't think that your response was more "lenient" than most staff and I find it hard to believe that you were really joking when you said we have no rights, it's pretty clear you were using your position as staff abusively.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2020
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