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Improvements to Druglord


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The title of Druglord is a huge accomplishment and doesn't offer much other than bragging rights. we need something to recognize and incentivize getting to max rank.

I believe awarding each druglord a mansion is a cool concept already toyed with on this server. I believe this idea should be brought back. in addition to adding the mansions I think every druglord should have a personal drug seller in their mansion that they could sell at. This seller could start at little to no percentage and would be leveled up through selling. The more drugs you sell to him, the more it levels up the percentage. This could cap at 20 or even 25%. this would give max rank another thing to grind for.

One of the DrugLord signatures should just be "DrugLord" even though I favour the signatures, some people just want to be a druglord.

There should be a "special reward" for the first three druglord's. if its a special tag, one of a kind item, plaque, Building, road named after player, or forged item.


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The drug lord mansions were only given to the first 3 people to hit the top rank. Giving them there own drug seller in the mansion would be game breaking and dumb. After hitting the top rank players can do mastery this is a special reward that no one can do untell they hit this.

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