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Incorrectly and wrongfully muted.


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Your IGN : antistrafe
Player to be reported :soberly
Player being reported Rank :mod
Describe your issue in detail :incorrectly following the warning/mute, muted me for no reason
Why do you feel this is worth a report : i wasn't even continuing to argue, i never actually argued in the first place, i was just talking to cpcod15, and then soberly had to come and mute me.
Attached Evidence here :


i was literally just trying to tell him to ignore it and go on with the night but he wouldn't listen, soberly muted me for no reason even though i tried to tell soberly and alsothe guy told me to kys and i got offended!!1



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this is a report not a appeal, genuinely fucking annoyed bc i did not do anything wrong in this situation besides try to de-escalate and instead i'm fucking muted without warning. great mod 11/10

not even a single /warn was sent to me or was i personally told at all to ever, stop, was just straight up muted
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also I was not ever making fun of him, I was talking to cpcod about my real life mechanic who is usually all snappy <3 anyways, terrible mod
i never argued with maddex either.


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  • /warn the player with a clear reason

    • Ex. /warn jrd3044 Racism or Rule #
  • 5 minute mute, following the guideline on mutes

  • 30 minute mute if persists, following the guideline on mutes
where tf was the /warn or the 5 min mute tho


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The player in question was in a voice chat with Soberly, cpcod, yourself and a few others right before this where they mentioned they were a mechanic. Do not try to pass your comment off as a coincidence. Soberly gave a fair warning to everyone to stop arguing in chat. You yourself asked the player to stop several times, then once they were muted you made the comment above, which given the context could only be taken as attempting to provoke them.

In situations like this not uncommon for us to hand out either the same punishment as the original player, or increasingly longer ones to deter anyone else from joining in. You are a long time player and you should know better, but considering your otherwise clean history and that this punishment may have been a bit heavy handed I will remove it from your history.

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