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Jobs in Farm

Would you support /wild jobs (such as paid mining and fishing) in /farmm and /farma?

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    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • No

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2021 Gold Founder
I know that a lot of players seem to kind of miss the jobs plugin, but for those who don't know, jobs allows you to earn cash and xp for vanilla tasks in /wild.

I think it would be a benefit to combine jobs and the /farm worlds so people can multitask or make extra cash for the mindless mining that comes with making farm bases. For example, I have a wheat farm with a built-in pond so I can fish from. Of course I can sell the fish at the dock for cash, but if there were jobs, I would be getting the $20-$30 per fish caught while making sure that my crops keep growing by staying within render.

It is my understanding that jobs are in wild because there aren't the crop-speed benefits of the farm worlds, but there are some jobs (like mining) that require brewing tons of haste and collecting tons of dirt and sand and just getting the crop boost.

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