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Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by 50PercentOff, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. 50PercentOff

    50PercentOff Helper Helper

    Hello, my friend and I are recruiting for AnimeBodyPillows, which will hopefully become a great faction. We are pretty chill and like to pvp and raid occasionally, we will not ask you to pvp with us or raid with us if you don't want to, your freedom to play how you wish will stay with you. We also will not make you pay for gen buckets or spawners for our base, contribute only what you can and want. It is pretty easy to be accepted and I do not care what rank you are, all are welcome.
    Copy this as a template:



    Drug Rank (or police rank):

    Donator Rank (if any):

    Online Time (Kind of matters. do /ot to find it):

    Previous Factions (if any):

    Reasons you left(if any):

    Qualities that you feel will help the faction(As stated above, You do not have to pay for anything):

    Why we should accept you over other people:

    Extra info:
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