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Important MCDrugs 2016 Reset

Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, May 5, 2016.

By Dakotaa on May 5, 2016 at 1:04 PM
  1. Dakotaa

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    MCDrugs has reset. If you have not read the post one week ago announcing the reset, everything on the server has been reset. New world, spawn, rank reset, money reset, etc. Many new features have been added to the server, but we've kept the core mechanics the same, you grow and sell drugs. We've added many new ways to make money and features that players requested on the feedback form about a month ago. Below, you can read info about some of the new things added.

    Players who bought donator ranks, cosmetics and commands will keep them this map, but it may take up to an hour to go through on the server due to how many are being automatically processed. Consumable items like keys, pre-built bases, and points were one time use and will not be given back.

    Also, Do /link ingame to link your account to the new website!

    Summary of new features/changes
    • New Spawn Structure - Multiple Islands
    • New Drug Selling Mechanics - Different places to sell
    • Factions Tax and Salaries
    • New SWAT mode for Police
    • 45 Minute Police protection for new players
    • New Ways to make money - Jobs (/jobs)
    • Daily Bonus Money
    • New redesigned NPC shops in mall
    • New player owned, rent-able market stalls
    • Removed Heisenberg as a major rank
    • Added Fourth Prestige, Master Prestige, and Drug Lord ranks.
    • Minor changes to some rank names and prices.
    • Better kits for normal drug ranks
    • New Point System - /points and /shop
    • Much more.
    Spawn Structure & Drug Selling
    We've changed things up a bit for the new spawn, and this is one of the largest changes for this reset. The spawns of MCDrugs have evolved from a couple buildings in the middle of the main world, to a stone square in the water, to more natural looking islands. The new spawn features multiple islands, each with its own theme and features.
    • Main Island - Location of spawn building. This is where most casual players will stay while in spawn. It includes the normal drug selling spot, the mall, markets, casino/club, beach, and some other minor buildings.
    • Police Island - East of the Main Island and across the bridge, this is like the Main Island, but for cops. This is where the police station, police housing, and some other nice aesthetic buildings are.
    • Prison Island - The Prison adds some new aspects to spawn. Within the prison is an NPC to sell drugs for 25% more than the default price, but it comes with greater risks.
    Like usual, there is a building in spawn where you sell drugs. The increased drug selling NPCs are also in this map. The major change is the prison. This is a PvP area, fenced off with only one quick access point - the main gate. There are some holes in the fence that you can swim through, but the main gate route has the smallest PvP zone. Entering through the holes in the fence will present a much larger risk of being killed. Getting to the main gate includes having to go through a couple obstacles and bottlenecks, like the bridge, making it easier for police to catch you. Players who don't want to run the risk of more PvP by going through the fence will have to run much longer to get past cops and over the bridge.

    We've also incorporated many Easter Eggs into this spawn, a hunt competition will be starting soon, the first person to find them all and solve the major one will win a prize.

    Factions Tax and Salaries
    Factions now need to pay tax. For every one chunk of land, the faction must pay $100 eveyr 24 hours. So, for example, if you have 24 land claims, you'll need to pay $2,400 a day. Faction leaders can set the amount each player is taxed. Each player in a faction could be paying a tax of $200 a day. The leader of a faction can set custom taxes for players in the factions, so person A could be being taxed 100 a day while person B could be being taxes 1000. The leader can also set salaries for players by giving them a negative tax amount, paying them that amount each day. The money from tax goes into the faction bank (/f money). The daily charge for the faction is taken from the faction bank.

    A whole new mode for police, SWAT mode, has been added. Once a cop earns the SWAT rank, they are able to do /swat, giving them a full set of enchanted diamond armour and sword. This allows police to stand a chance in the prison, where they can arrest players while fighting off the people trying to kill them. Ranks after SWAT get higher levels of protection and projectile protection while in SWAT mode.

    New players now have forty five minutes of protection from police. Anyone who just joined the server for the first time will not be able to be frisked by cops, making first joining and learning about the server much less stressful for players new to the server.

    Many players have requested new, interesting ways to make money on the server. To fulfill this request, jobs have been added to the serr. Jobs allow you to join a profession, like Miner, Woodcutter, etc. and make money by doing tasks for that job. For example, miner gets a bit of money for each ore they mine. Of course, growing drugs will make more money than doing jobs, but it's a side thing to do that spices up the experience a bit. To get started, do /jobs.

    Daily Bonus
    Join the server every day and do /db to claim money rewards!

    Markets & Shops
    Player owned shops, or markets, are something we've tried multiple times, each time they were unsuccessful. This map, we've taken a more direct approach to player markets. 36 stalls are available to purchase, located between the mall and job office, right before the bridge to the Police Island. The ChestShop plugin is being used, so anyone experienced with that plugin will know how to make a shop. For those who have not used it, there are some examples in the main market strip.

    Anyone who's played on MCDrugs for over two years will recognize a building in spawn. We've brought back a very nice mall we made for the first MCDrugs spawn. The colours have changed a bit, but it's the same design. Rather than a strip mall like last spawn, the shop NPCs can be found in different stores of the mall. The prices may not be optimal how they are at the opening of this map, so they may change a bit. We want the prices to be a bit expensive to promote the use of player markets.

    Donator Rank Changes
    Some changes were made to make the donator ranks less "pay2win". This includes some changes to the permissions of donator ranks. The biggest ones being /fix being removed from MVP and added to MVP+, and a thirty minute cooldown on the command. We will give anyone who had MVP before the reset the ability to do /fix, as they donated for that in their rank at the time. Some other notable changes are a small change in the amount of homes that MVP and MVP+ are able to set.
    We've also added a few features to the ranks, such as new gun kits (every donator rank now gets a gun kit, daily), and the ability to put XP in bottles from XP bank signs.

    Drug Rank Changes
    Last map, the highest rank was Heisenberg. It costed $80 million, not including the cost of all the ranks before it, and only two players achieved this status. This map, we've made the final rank more of a realistic goal. Instead of Scarface and Heisenberg, we've added another prestige (Fourth Prestige) and a new prestige ladder, Master Prestige. Master Prestige ranks are the normal drug ranks, with enhanced chat tags, new commands and kits, and cost 5x more for each rank than normal. After Master Prestige, "Drug Lord" (not the DrugLord rank) status is achieved, and you are able to pick from four different notoriously famous drug lord, Heisenberg, Scarface, El Chapo, and Escobar. It is free to rank up between these ranks, but once you get to the last one, you'll need an admin to set you to the one you want, so pick carefully.

    Rank Kits
    Due to popular request, the kits for drug ranks have been made better.

    Point Shop
    We are no longer using Enjin, so Enjin Points can not be used this map. We have a new point system, like last map, you will receive 10 points per vote. These points can be used in /shop, where you can purchase items that are on our donation store, like keys, ranks, or cosmetics, or other useful items like food, XP, etc. You are also now able to send points to other players, and see the point leader board, something many players requested last map. To see your own points, do /points me. To see other points commands, do /points.

    And much, much more!
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Discussion in 'News' started by Dakotaa, May 5, 2016.

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