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MCDrugs Rust Server AND RUST Giveaway

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I will be hosting a RUST server, opening December 22(After the update that day is releaded). It will be private-ish, with mostly only players from MCDrugs. It is on a small map with some plugins to make the game less grindy and more enjoyable for casual players. For anyone who does not own RUST, it is a very fun game and I recommend buying it (it will soon be on sale during the steam holiday sale).

The server will have the following plugins/mods:
  • ZLevel Plugin - Normal gather rate to start, higher gather rates as you gather more of that item
  • Instant Craft (Or 1/4 craft, we are deciding soon)
  • QuickSmelt, Larger stacks for resources (wood, stone, metal, ores, etc.)
  • A player's best weapon is shown on their back, pistols on their hip
  • Random skins (when you craft an item with the defualt skin, it gives you a random skin. You can still craft certain skins if you own them.)
  • Remover tool (buildings are only removable by the person that placed it.)

Join our steam group to let us know you'd like to join this event.

Our official steam group for other activities and giveaways!



The giveaway is drawn, the winners are:

  • dark_mcHERO
  • __GreenArrow__
Message me on the website to get your key!
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