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MCDrugs Sushi Guide

Discussion in 'Resources' started by Dakotaa, Apr 15, 2020.

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  1. Dakotaa

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    Sushi is a great way to make even more profit from fishing. Our custom crafting recipes allow you to turn your raw fish into different types of sushi.

    Sushi can be sold to Hiruko, who can be found next to Chuck at Fisher's Cove.

    The first step to making sushi is to get sushi rice. You can buy sushi rice that's ready to use from Hiruko, but it's cheaper to buy rice and rice vinegar from Hiruko and make the sushi rice yourself.

    With just sushi rice, you can craft Nigiri, which requires only sushi rice and salmon or pufferfish.

    If you buy Sushi Nori from Hiruko, you can craft sushi rolls. See recipes below.

    Making Sushi Rice
    If you choose to make your own sushi rice, follow these steps:
    1. Purchase rice and rice vinegar from Hiruko. You need four rice for every rice vinegar.
    2. Make raw sushi rice by crafting together four rice, rice vinegar, and four sugar.
    3. Cook the raw sushi rice into sushi rice by smelting it in a furnace.

    Making Sushi Nori
    Sushi nori is made by first crafting 3 kelp into seaweed, then smelting the seaweed in a furnace.

    Making Nigiri
    Nigiri can be made from either salmon or pufferfish. The first step is to cut the fish, which can be done by placing one of either in a crafting table. This will get you Sliced Sushi-Grade Salmon, or Prepared Fugu. Place either of these in a crafting table above one sushi rice to make Nigiri.

    Making Sushi Rolls
    Sushi rolls require sushi rice, sushi nori, and cod, salmon, or tropical fish. To make any of the rolls, place sushi nori (3) in the bottom row of the crafting table, a fish in the middle, and sushi rice (5) in the remaining slots.

    For a visual example,
    Where R is sushi rice, F is a fish (cod, salmon, or tropical fish), and N is sushi nori.

    Sushi video tutorial (by Zhihu):
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  2. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    Bump: Added fishing/sushi tutorial video by Zhihu.
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