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Monthly Building Contest - July (June 27 - August 1)

Discussion in 'Weekly Event' started by Dakotaa, Jun 27, 2016.

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  1. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner


    Welcome to the second monthly building contest. You have until Sunday to submit your building/design through a reply to that monthly thread. The top 3 buildings (selected by staff) will win prizes. We also will allow players to contribute money to the prize pool, much like the Death Race. Prize pool contributions must be greater than $30,000 to be noted. There will be a thread listing all the people who have contributed.

    This Monthly Theme: Efficient Automatic Farms

    • Build must be in your faction land, or have proof that you made it.
    • Build must be on MCDrugs. (Take screenshots without F1/hidden GUI on to prove)
    • Police are allowed to have the exception of the farm not having crops, so they can participate. Non-police contest submissions must include crops.
    • Do not post your pictures/videos with shaders on!

    There is no size limit, make it as big or small as you would like, but amount of resources used and time to build will be taken into consideration when your build is judged. The bigger the farm, the more likely to win.
    Builds are judged by moderators and above, as well as some notable members of the community.

    Submission Format:
    Upload photo(s) for your build. You can also show a video, which will increase your chance to win if it shows off more, but photos are required. Try to include the general amount of resources used and time taken.

    This Months Theme: Efficient Automatic Farms

    Reply with pictures of your automatic farm. We're looking for the best crops per hour, or other measurement of efficiency. It doesn't matter what it looks like, as long as it's fully automatic.

    First Place: $2,065,200 and 500 Points
    Second Place: $1,031,100 and 250 Points
    Third Place: $344,000

    Winners also get their name in the winners thread, showing winners for each month.


    The three winners picked were;
    • First Place: 14Squared
    • Second Place: Nanoosher
    • Third Place: SmackBlacks
    • Runner Up/Honourable Mention: TjorviJ
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2016
  2. z00fle

    z00fle New Member

    sweet i can learn a thing or two
  3. FireAspact1234

    FireAspact1234 New Member

    Can cops compete in this?
  4. MassProducer

    MassProducer Helper Helper MVP

    Yes cops can compete in this, the rules state that-
    • "Police are allowed to have the exception of the farm not having crops, so they can participate. Non-police contest submissions must include crops."
  5. HarambePlaysMC

    HarambePlaysMC New Member VIP

    Would an AFK/Semi-Auto Gold farm count aswell?
  6. Tjorvi_01

    Tjorvi_01 Member MVP+

    I believe it's only for crops, but Dakota can reply to this.
  7. Tjorvi_01

    Tjorvi_01 Member MVP+

    Hey, here is my build for this building contest. It's a mushroom farm in a 100x100 square. It produces quite alot of mushrooms, and works well.
    Firstly, I messed up the first time making the farm so rebuilt it, and put it up again. It took 1week to make it, but of course I wasn't working 24/7, but I admit it, it took a while! Me and Uezo did it together, he can prove it.
    Some stats about the farm
    1. About 1k hoppers.
    2. About 2900 mycelium dirt.
    3. About 1k glass/sticky pistons.
    4. About 2k mushrooms.
    5. About 470 glowstone.
    6. About 120 repeaters.
    7. About 2800 redstone.
    8. Probably around 4k cobblestone.
    Alright, thanks everyone for taking a look at it, and I hope you guys like my build. Whole thing about this building contest is awesome, it was pretty painful to count all these blocks, but I believe it's worth it. I wish everyone good luck.

    Last but not least, here is the farm, hope you enjoy it !

    This has been Tj, and i'm out. Seeyaa!
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2016
  8. Dakotaa

    Dakotaa Owner Staff Member Owner

    Please post it without shaders. They make it impossible to see anything.
  9. Tjorvi_01

    Tjorvi_01 Member MVP+

    kms, alright i'll edit it.
    Done editing it.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2016
  10. Jack

    Jack Member MVP+

    2016-06-29_22.00.55.png 2016-06-29_22.01.03.png This was me aka jackstew1115 and ppst working together on this project, if you want a more indepth look I have provided an imgur link:

    The materials included
    -18 Stacks of Lime Clay
    -2 Stacks of Black Clay
    -6 Stacks of Dark Green Clay
    -35 Water Buckets
    -1 Hopper
    -2 Chests
    100 Wood Planks
    -720 Sand
    -720 Cactus

    It is fairly fast and produces 8 Stacks and 4 Items every hour

    I would like to thank ppst, and mr_mummbles7 for funding this $52,000 project
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2016
  11. AnemoneSpotted

    AnemoneSpotted Member VIP

    -1, uses inefficient design (the entire goal of the contest). there's a lot of small variations that have a huge impact on efficiency. see this video for a relatively simple breakdown
  12. Jack

    Jack Member MVP+

    We used a design that allowed us to build easier and it was more compact for the design, which is efficient in its own way Edit: Sorry about this comment did not realize the design in this video
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2016
  13. renic1000000

    renic1000000 New Member

    Automatic Melon farm 2016-06-29_23.22.41.png
    2016-06-29_23.22.44.png 2016-06-29_23.22.49.png 2016-06-29_23.22.35.png Resource Cost:

    4x hoppers
    Lots and lots of cobble

    ====These ingredients vary depending on how many plants you want. Example if you want 4 plants you need 4 of each resource====
    1 piston per plant
    1 redstone torch per plant

    ==== Features ====
    Harvests automatically when a crop grows
    Collects automatically into chest

    Depending on size can get over 10 stacks per hour

    Depending on size, can take a few hours to build.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2016
  14. AnemoneSpotted

    AnemoneSpotted Member VIP

    does each module harvest itself instantly when it grows? or do they all harvest when you press a button. i know you say it harvests automatically but just for clarification
  15. Jack

    Jack Member MVP+

    how many builds can I enter per week?
  16. ppst

    ppst New Member

    This is my contribution to this weeks building contest. This is a giant pumpkin melon tower designed by xiumavoid. 2016-06-30_21.31.46.png
    This is one layer of the farm. It has two torch towers in two of the corners powering the pistons. It has pumpkin and melon stocks oppost of themselves. Giving us the maximum efficiency, so that 2 stocks don't grow to the same plant. 2016-06-30_21.30.25.png The torch towers are powered by an Etho hopper clock running int a mono stable circuit then into a pulse extender .
    2016-06-30_21.31.23.png This design uses:
    8 dirt
    6 cobble
    6 redstone torches.
    4 pistons
    2 melon seeds
    2 pumpkin seeds
    Per layer.
    I know its not the most resource efficient, but I'm using it because its compact and easy to build.

    Attached Files:

  17. AnemoneSpotted

    AnemoneSpotted Member VIP

    has some obvious design flaws, one being that there is no way of controlling which dirt block the pumpkins or watermelon will grow on. for example, if this is your birds eye setup like shown in the screenshot,

    this is what you WANT.... 2016-06-30_15.36.49.png

    but this is what you will get quite frequently (i dont feel like doing math to calculate odds) 2016-06-30_15.37.32.png

    notice how the melons have grown on both sides of the pumpkin stalk on the bottom left, leaving it no place to grow. the top left melon stalk is has already grown, as well as the pumpkin stalk on the top right. the top middle dirt block is wasted space, and the bottom left stalk is unable to grow.

    problem 2 is the collection setup. much of the melons/pumpkins will not make it into the water stream, especially in the case of problem 1.

    problem 3: it runs on a redstone clock?!? not really sure that much needs to be said here.

    problem 4: it isn't even your design, and it lacks any personal touch. perhaps scale the design a few hundred times bigger and make it a little bit visually appealing?
  18. Ezxhh

    Ezxhh Member MVP

    Anem, no one asked for you to tell people their flaws, if you can PERSONALLY do better then post your farm. Please do not criticise others.
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  19. ppst

    ppst New Member

    I now that stocks get caught in sometimes ( bout 50%)
    A lot does make it in the streams. (though not completely loss less)
    It runs on the etho hopper clock. Aka hopper clock not redstone. (doesnt fire that often)
    Its next to impossible to be original in the pumpkin melon area. (tower or wall pushing with pistons) so i settled with one i liked. if you have a problem with it. then you have a problem, not me.
    Last edited: Jun 30, 2016
  20. AnemoneSpotted

    AnemoneSpotted Member VIP

    I plan on posting my own submission in the near future. Also it is a contest for EFFICIENT FARMS. If they can't handle criticism, they shouldn't be submitting their farm. Use your fucking head kiddo
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