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MovingWeight Recruitment

Discussion in 'Faction Recruitment' started by Sox, Jun 29, 2019.

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  1. Sox

    Sox New Member MVP

    Howdy, I'm looking for someone to build a faction will be a co-leader position after discussing. I would like to keep a tightknit operation with no more than 5 members in the faction. I don't raid often I am usually farming so let's get ranking up.

    I am trying to hang up the shoes in gambling and focus strictly on expanding and ranking up.


    Play time (/OT):
    Why do you want to join?
    What can you bring to MovingWeight?
    What do you usually farm?
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  2. 12InchesOfNoMercy

    12InchesOfNoMercy New Member

    IGN: 12InchesOfNoMerc
    Age: 16
    Play time (/OT):
    Rank: Junky ( Started Playing Again Today 7/6)
    Last Wipe - Don't remember but mid-tier
    Desired Position: Offline Leader
    Why do you want to join?
    a; Smaller Faction
    b; Interaction with others
    What is your Fishing level? (nice to know)
    Started playing again today so 0 but last wipe in the mid 200s
  3. Muka420

    Muka420 New Member

    IGN: _Muka_
    Age: 16
    Play time: Idk but hella active if i need to be.
    Rank: Junky (Started Playing today 7/6 aswell xD)
    Last wipe: Dont remember
    Desired Position: Worker
    Why do you want to join?
    a: Im familiar with drug factions like Hazmc and Yaymc ( 3years+ player) , but since i came back to minecraft today those servers have shut down and im lookin to start over from somewhere new :)
    B: Getting to know different people and learning the ropes of this specific server
    Fishing lvl 0
    I use discord aswell and could easily build a server for our faction, what we could possibly promote in the chat to branch out ( Work for other factions in this case).
  4. 35Legitness

    35Legitness New Member

    IGN: 35Legitness
    Age: 15
    Play time: couple hours a day but I just started this thing.
    Rank: Junky bc I just started 7/17
    Last wipe: idk what that is
    Desired position: anything I can get
    Why do I want to join?: I’m new to the community and I like the way you want your faction to be structured.
    Fishing level: 0
  5. Sox

    Sox New Member MVP

    Just updated the description. /mail me IG after posting on here.
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