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Mule job...

Discussion in 'Player/Staff Reports' started by DaGodKevin, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. DaGodKevin

    DaGodKevin New Member

    IGN: DaGodKevin
    Personal issue
    Details:I joined the server after i left when i still in mule duty (before I left) Somehow the game got bugged and it would not let me finish my mule job by left clicking. This resulted in -1% success rate and -1rep but also lost me my rep streak. -1%
    This stresses me out bc I was already recovering from rep issues and now it requires even more effort. I do not have any proof bc I did not expect this to happen but I would like to understand at least why this happened...
    Why this is important: Mule success rate and mule rep can be brutal and stressful. Losing a lot of percent at first is no big deal but later on when you lose 1% its very hard to make up for it in the long run... I understand people might say success rate means nothing but it is very important to me.
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  2. DaGodKevin

    DaGodKevin New Member

    Also a bit more detail is that it seemed like it was caused by lag and the issue might have been the player shop causing too much lag but still this resulted in not only me losing money but the person who lost the money and me losing a % that is a big deal once you start muling for a long while...
    I was in panic bc it wasn't working and I didnt have time to get a screenshot...
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