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Important Nick names & Past Donations 2018

Discussion in 'Donations' started by jrd3044, May 11, 2018.

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  1. KhakiLord

    KhakiLord New Member

    IGN: KhakiLord (Past Names-DoubleCrossKill, Nizaria)
    Rank MVP
    Nick: &9 Xhaki
    Commands: /Fix, /Feed
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  2. complexmemes

    complexmemes New Member

    IGN: complexmemes

    Rank: MVP+ I think
  3. MakePoop

    MakePoop New Member

    IGN: MyNameIsFrost
    Rank MVP+
  4. brian honka

    brian honka New Member

    IGN: sjturner62
    Rank MVP+
  5. PTX

    PTX New Member

    IGN: PTX_Pentatonix
    Nick: Not sure if it was &1PTX or &4PTX
    Commands: None that I remember
  6. ExidusMC

    ExidusMC New Member

    IGN: IExidusI
    Rank: MVP+ from what i remember

    (May have purchased with the username ExidusMC)
  7. ExidusMC

    ExidusMC New Member

    IGN: IExidusI
    Rank: MVP+ from what i remember

    (May have purchased with the username ExidusMC)
  8. Obamabear

    Obamabear New Member

    IGN: Obamabear
    Rank: VIP+ and some /nickname or other

  9. Dmitry

    Dmitry New Member

    IGN: TacticalTacoGG
    Rank: VIP+ from what I can remember. It was a few years ago.
  10. MooCowMoo

    MooCowMoo New Member

    I use to play this server years ago and i'm not to sure but I think I had a rank, I was just wondering if there is a way someone could check my buys on the server and see what i had bought, idk if this will help but when I rank the rank my IGN was probably xX_Mr_Finley_Xx
  11. StarryMuffin

    StarryMuffin New Member

    IGN: StarryMuffin
    Nick: &bStar
  12. coolliam101

    coolliam101 New Member

    Hello i played on the server a few years ago when plots where around and i purchased a rank and i recently joined back onto the server and now i dont have a rank could someone please assist me. p.s i havent changed the name of my minecraft account
    IGN: Coolliam101
    Rank: MVP
  13. abbyowo

    abbyowo New Member

    hey i was genuinely a donor like 2 years ago and like... i stopped palying mineraft bc im an adult now and have responsibilities and the server has reset and such but can you like look up to see if you can get my rank back? this was literally probably 2-4 years ago LMAO but my @ was abbyinct and i rly dont remember which rank i had sorry this is so weird
  14. hAMPEX

    hAMPEX New Member VIP+

    Hey!, I was VIP+ Last map. (2017) Is it possible to get it back nowdays?
  15. Younghampy

    Younghampy New Member

    IGN: younghampy
    Nick: Hampy
    Commands: I think i was VIP+ but i honestly cant remember (if you could check that would be appreciated)
  16. Caiden

    Caiden New Member

    So I started playing again on a different account because I lost my old one and I was MVP. I would like to put it on this account.
    IGN: cnotes008
    old IGN: cnotes009
  17. The_Todd_003

    The_Todd_003 New Member

    IGN: The_Todd_003
    Command: VIP
  18. Shadowsych

    Shadowsych New Member VIP+

    IGN: Shadowsych
    I'm supposed to have VIP+ in the game, but I don't have it. Even my profile on the left shows proof.
  19. minemaker2004

    minemaker2004 New Member

    IGN: minemaker2004
    commands: MVP+ or MVP++

    I forget which long time ago. Thanks:D
  20. Bdog2627

    Bdog2627 New Member MVP+

    IGN: Bdog2627
    Nick: &5Bdog
    Commands: MVP+
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