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Important Nick names & Past Donations 2018

Discussion in 'Donations' started by jrd3044, May 11, 2018.

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  1. ServeMe

    ServeMe New Member Contributor

    IGN: ServeMe
    Nick: &5Served
    Commands: /fix
    Rank: Mvp
  2. CarltheEmu7

    CarltheEmu7 New Member

    IGN: CarltheEmu7
    Commands: MVP+
  3. ajaake

    ajaake New Member VIP+

    IGN: ajaake
    Rank: VIP+
    Commands : /fix

    -PS im not exactly sure about the nick or exactly which rank I had, it's been an extremely long time since Ive played here.
  4. Tr3vaa

    Tr3vaa New Member VIP+

    IGN: tr3vaa
    Nick: &4Tr3vaa
  5. ManoPrime143

    ManoPrime143 New Member

    IGN: Manoprime143
    Had VIP+
  6. Tr3vaa

    Tr3vaa New Member VIP+

    Need to get colored nickname fixed up please.
    Nickname: &6Tr3vaa
  7. GeneralMuffinMan

    GeneralMuffinMan New Member

    IGN : GeneralMuffinMan
    Need MVP+ had other stuff too, not exactly sure what tho Xd
  8. Deccobra

    Deccobra New Member

    IGN: Cadyag88
    Rank: MVP (I think)
    Nick: S5Cadyag (purple)

    Unfortunately I don't have that many details, I made multiple donations in 2015~, I also remember having a boatload of commands.
    If you have any questions please contact me, and I will answer to the best of my ability.
    Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
  9. RioRouge

    RioRouge New Member

    IGN: RioRouge
    Donation: Vip
  10. HackHunter_115

    HackHunter_115 New Member VIP

    IGN: DNDNEO(gonna go back to hackhunter_115)
    Nickname Hackhunter_115

    I'm Doing this things cause the rank system have been reset and i just got on to reclaim it.People were telling me to get on and reclaim it cause we going to play next map and we going to need it i had (VIP+) and i'm also mule but i was KingPin. I dont really care about the Kingpin part but i do need my VIP+ Thanks for you time. (Side note) can you also see if Imhog is ban from forums and also from game cause he asked to be ban but know he wants to be unban cause we want to play next map. Thanks (DELTA)
  11. RealHaitch

    RealHaitch New Member

  12. jrd3044

    jrd3044 AsstToTheOwner Staff Member AsstToTheOwner

    DNDNEO is a separate account and not related to the HackHunter_115 account. DNDNEO did not have any donor rank. The hackhunter account has the vip rank. Both accounts have been active for multiple maps. Making a post similar to this will get you banned.
  13. Rainhellz

    Rainhellz New Member

    IGN: Rainhellz
    Nick: &2Rain&1Hellz
    Command: Donated for Vip July 2017
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
  14. Merged

    Merged New Member

    Good Evening!

    I purchased a donor rank on a previous reset and am newly coming back to Minecraft.

    IGN: Merged
    Rank: MVP++ (I am not sure which one, but I know it was MVP)
  15. IGN:TheGrifter_
    rank: VIP+
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