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Important Nick names & Past Donations 2018

Discussion in 'Donations' started by jrd3044, May 11, 2018.

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  1. MICK7766

    MICK7766 New Member VIP+

    IGN: MICK7766
    Nick: &2 Mickle Pickle
    Commands: /fix
  2. CsoiSauce

    CsoiSauce New Member VIP

    Rank: VIP
  3. HackHunter_115

    HackHunter_115 New Member VIP

    Commands:VIP bought with VP
  4. Broccollie

    Broccollie New Member VIP+

    IGN: Broccollie
    Nick: &3Broccie
    Rank: Vip+
    Last edited: May 13, 2018
  5. thft

    thft New Member VIP

    ign thft
    nick: &bTHFT
  6. Jokahani

    Jokahani New Member VIP

    IGN: Jokahani
    Commands: VIP
  7. CornOnTheCobb

    CornOnTheCobb New Member MVP

    Ign: CornOnTheCobb
    Nick: (yellow)Corn
    Commands: /repair /feed /craft
    Rank: MVP
  8. SwiffTheCloutGod

    SwiffTheCloutGod New Member VIP

    IGN SwiffTheCloutGod
  9. Phrix

    Phrix New Member MVP+

    Hello so im a really old player back when the server was first out. I purchased many different ranks. Last thing i purchased was TheDon or what ever it was called. before the most recent map reseet i was MVP+. Dakotaa set me as that, as thedon dont exist anymore.
    My previous IGN; was exlasis.

    IGN: Phrix
    Nick &bPhrix
    Rank: MVP+
  10. _flaminghawk_

    _flaminghawk_ New Member MVP

    IGN: _FlamingHawk_
    Nick: &6_Flaming
    Commands: MVP
  11. paconrad

    paconrad New Member VIP+

    IGN: paconrad
    Nick: pac (in pink)
    Rank: MVP
  12. Dargenium

    Dargenium New Member MVP

    IGN: Dargenium
    Rank: I previously purchased 3 different times (once to VIP, the second time to VIP+, and then a custom donation to then reach MVP/+ I cant remember whether it was MVP or MVP+) This was purchased during a time where the server was giving a large discount on the ranks so the total amount I had donated within these 3 different times was all during the discount period. the combined total had added up to MVP or MVP+.
  13. Jpusher11

    Jpusher11 Member VIP+

    IGN. Jpusher11
    Rank. Vip or vip+ cant remember

    I had purchaced /enderchest last map, its the only command i dont have access to that i remember.
  14. Cjhuber

    Cjhuber Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP++

    IGN: Cjhuber
    Nick: &5Cjhuber
  15. _Vee_

    _Vee_ New Member VIP+

    IGN: _Vee_
    Rank: VIP+
    Commands: Enderchest
    I remember I could do /feed /music and silk touch spawners, but I believe that all came with VIP+
  16. porktoe

    porktoe New Member VIP

    IGN: HandicappedEgg
    Nick: Gingy (it was an orange color)
    Rank: VIP
    Commands: I remember being able to do /feed and I believe I could use silk touch on spawners.

    (I used to be known as TingledPringle if that helps at all).
  17. GlucoseDaddy

    GlucoseDaddy Mod Staff Member Moderator MVP

    IGN: GlucoseDaddy (From VDD)
    Nick: &6VDD
    Rank: MVP+

    lost my VDD account, playing on GlucoseDaddy now.
  18. GamersMc86

    GamersMc86 New Member VIP

    IGN: GamersMc86
    Nick: &4Gamers&fMc&a86
    Commands: MVP+
  19. MarsShark

    MarsShark New Member VIP+

    IGN: marzshark
    Nick: idk if I had one
    Commands: I had VIP+ (bought with voter points)
  20. ExorcistMC

    ExorcistMC New Member VIP+

    IGN: ExorcistMC
    Nick: ExO
    Commands: none
    Rank: vip+ bought with points
    Last edited: May 22, 2018
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