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parrot - accomplice or victim?

Discussion in 'Player/Staff Reports' started by krom, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. krom

    krom Well-Known Member MVP+

    Your IGN : Krhhmg

    Player to be reported : Parrot4KTV

    Player being reported Rank : Helper (!)

    Describe your issue in detail :
    act I: alright so this story starts a while back, when my farm was xrayed. the accused was bragging about the raid in main chat, but the tides turned by 180 degrees when i calmly explained to him that he just became - unknowingly - accomplice to a filthy xrayer. as i am not a vengeful person, i told him to calm down and that i will explain it if he gets into trouble. and so little parrot ran free while the cheater got his part.
    act II: today i read a report by said parrot about a now blacklisted player and casually went through the screenies. in one of them, the man hadn't cut out the coords and a chorus farm was to be seen. hence i said to myself, this might be worth checking out, chartered a boat and travelled to said coords.
    imagine my astonishment when i found myself standing in my now raided base!

    Why do you feel this is worth a report : to me it looks an awful lot like the accused Parrot4KTV viciously kept the coords or even a home, just to return and do his dirty deed when enough time had passed. i even dare say that he gave those coords to his faction members who, as well, took part in this condemnable act.

    Attached Evidence here :

    Attached Files:

  2. ParrotChit

    ParrotChit Helper Helper

    If t
    First off here, the person that was supposedly "xraying" was found innocent (via ban appeal.) So you're wrong there.

    Those coordinates were my old farm. Vertigo was tped there by @goosebumpe. So not your base.
  3. krom

    krom Well-Known Member MVP+

  4. ParrotChit

    ParrotChit Helper Helper

    I misunderstood when you said that.

    I want you to take a look at this conversation.

    What Nova is saying here, is that I wasn't being banned for an accomplice to xray, because I didn't know if he was xraying or not.
    YOU were the one actually telling me to have a conversation with Nova.
    My farm that you listed in the screenshot, was near your raided base.
    Gitgudscrub has a very large network of mines, so he's gonna run into a few unclaimed bases.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  5. krom

    krom Well-Known Member MVP+

    i dare assume that my farm is older than yours, and that your farm is younger than said incident. doesn't change anything.

    to add to the case, my farm was rolled back which doesn't happen in legitimate raids.

    and yes i told you to talk to her because i didn't want to get you in trouble. only reason i pointed this out is to make your vicious ungratefulness obvious.
  6. ParrotChit

    ParrotChit Helper Helper

    "vicious ungratefulness" you're making this sound so dramatic.

    Your base was rolled back before the ban appeal.

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