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PoliceBrutality Recruitment (Closed)

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Since the glory days of 2017 I've made it my sworn duty to make the life of every druggy on the server as awful and obnoxious as I can possibly make it. PoliceBrutality is built around that philosophy, and our greatest spoil is not riches or power but the ire of junkies the world over.

No matter what kind of player you are, you're welcome in PoliceBrutality, as long as you follow the...

  1. Obey all MC-Drugs rules.
    PoliceBrutality is a faction where police of any rank and style can cooperate to make our lives easier and the criminal life harder. It is not and will never be a haven for cheating police. If you break any MC-D police rule intentionally, you will be properly reported and permanently banned from the faction, no matter how long you get banned from MC-D for.

  2. Do not disrespect or abuse members.
    PoliceBrutality is, as I will cover later, a casual faction. There's a very clear line between friendly discourse and verbal abuse. If you have any kind of controversy with another member, take it to PMs, or better yet forget it. Verbally abusing fellow faction members anywhere warrants a permanent ban.

  3. No excessive inappropriate content.
    MC-D is not a kids server, and I fully understand that. You can say and talk about anything you like, but simply being offensive for the sake of being offensive is obnoxious, immature, and repetitive. Pointless use of harsh content or language is punishable by demotion or re-application to the faction, and any NSFW content will result in a permanent ban. Leave it at the door or take it to PMs.

Beyond the basics, there's a few special things that make PoliceBrutality unique. While they're not rules, they make up the philosophy behind all of our decisions. These points are the...

  1. We exist to be casual.
    If I wanted to "climb the MC-D ranks" and earn swathes of money and power, I wouldn't make PoliceBrutality. I'd be some Drug Baron who makes a host of Junkies and redstone machines do my farming for me, and I certainly would not be a cop, yet here we are. If you want to try and climb the ladder, go right ahead, but PoliceBrutality won't do much to help you, and I certainly won't tolerate rude or forceful behavior towards faction members in an attempt to do so.

  2. We exist for the police force.
    I'm a cop. PoliceBrutality will never own a farm. Owning a personal farm separate from PoliceBrutality is allowed if in full compliance with all MC-D rules. If enough players feel it would be useful, we may claim a small plot of land as a vault for valuable items, but as it stand PoliceBrutality has no claimed land and will not claim land. The faction itself is built to create a network of police able to contact each other about high traffic, drug boosters, route & ability strategies, and any of the other facets of police life.

  3. We exist for the community.
    MC-D has an infamous community, and PoliceBrutality is built around it and for it. The greatest "mark" of a PoliceBrutality member is just that: participating in the community.
If you like the core tenants and are willing to follow the faction rules, I'd be glad to have you on the force. Apply with the following format:


(Optional) About You (previous faction highlights, greatest accomplishments, etc.):
(Optional) Extra Info (anything I might need to know):
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